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Xybion Launches Digital Pathology for Research and Development

The launch of Xybion’s Digital Pathology is paramount to the modernization of preclinical research

PRINCETON, N.J., August 23, 2021 – Xybion Corporation, a global low-code SaaS company that enables digital transformation in highly regulated industries including Life Sciences announced the release of Pristima XD Digital Pathology. Xybion’s Digital Pathology software provides improved lab throughput while allowing pathologists to streamline their peer-review workflows. The Digital Pathology module from Xybion offers the first preclinical laboratory information system of its kind that is fully integrated into the digital pathology workflow and provides efficient pathological studies of whole slides.

This novel digital pathology software provides remote peer review across pathology labs providing compliant preclinical non-GLP animal studies in research and development labs. Implementation of Xybion’s scanner agnostic Digital Pathology software provides flexibility for laboratories with multiple scanners or different scanners across multiple sites.

In addition to being slide scanner agnostic, this innovative Digital Pathology software improves the overall productivity of non-GLP studies by reducing turnaround times, increasing efficiencies, reducing storage and retrieval times of glass slides, and simplifies the sharing of annotated slides.

Key Benefits of Digital Pathology

  • Only preclinical Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) with an integrated digital pathology workflow
  • Provides a regulatory framework for tissue collection, slide creation, and sample tracking as part of a complete preclinical study process.
  • Integrated with an image management system, Xybion’s Digital Pathology platform enhances slide review with real-time image sharing between pathologists and researchers across multiple sites worldwide.
  • Digital metadata can be utilized to populate Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND) as a component of your FDA submissions
  • Xybion Digital Pathology software is both scanner and image format agnostic allowing pathology labs to use their current system and reduce costs
  • Only system capable of reading DICOM format images from multiple image types.


Xybion’s Digital Pathology software enables users to load their scanned pathology slides into the system for viewing and reading. As part of a complete preclinical toxicology study process, Pristima XD facilitates necropsy tissue collection and slide creation and tracking. The glass slides can then be scanned using any scanning system. Once loaded into the Pristima XD Digital Pathology component, the digital slide images will be viewable and annotated by pathologists while they are entering their study findings in Pristima’s Pathology module.

“We are seeing rapid adoption of digital pathology across the industry. Pathologists who intend to modernize their laboratory systems with the latest digital pathology system identify with the trend that digital pathology is the next wave of high-tech components creating effective lab operations with the potential to improve diagnosis and slide analysis through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Xybion’s leading-edge solution significantly improves end-to-end pathology processes for today’s all-digital, all-remote world.,” said Pradip K. Banerjee, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO of Xybion.

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