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Xybion Launches a Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab Management System: Labwise XD COVAPP

Laboratories, hospitals, diagnostic labs, and emerging COVID testing facilities can be ready for full scale COVID-19 Delta Variant Testing in weeks.

PRINCETON, N.J., August 10, 2021 — Xybion Corporation, an innovative global life sciences company providing key software to the most recognized names in COVID-19 vaccination, today announces the release of Labwise XD COVAPP, a software system built for the high volume needs of COVID-19 test laboratories inundated by the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

COVAPP offers a unified and streamlined approach to COVID-19 test management with:

  • Patient Registration
  • COVID-19 test reports
  • Sample management
  • Test management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to rapidly proliferate and reshape daily lives at global scale, Labwise XD COVAPP reshapes laboratory processes with a faster response to COVID-19 test requirements with immediate functionality for all COVID-19 strains. COVAPP provides a streamlined approach to patient data, sample management, reporting, and an automated test results notification system. Implementation of COVAPP allows you to achieve:

  • Automated Test Result notification – Test results are delivered immediately to the patient upon submission of a positive result into COVAPP.
  • Increased Throughput – COVAPP eliminates manual processes and automates them.
  • Increased Testing Capacity – COVAPP’s streamlined approach to COVID-19 Test Management.
  • Greater Compliance – All of COVAPP’s features are built on a low-code, cloud-based system built for compliance and HIPAA.
  • Scalability – Rapidly scale your throughput and expand your operations with seamless scalability.

The launch of COVAPP provides all laboratories and testing facilities with a full-scale laboratory information management system, or LIMS that is unified with quality, compliance, electronic lab notebooks, and all of the integral components of successful COVID-19 test management. COVAPP connects with your existing systems or works as a standalone module, allowing existing COVID-19 testing facilities to rapidly scale and enabling new and emerging facilities to start performing tests in only two weeks.

“Diagnostic labs are working tirelessly to meet the increasing and unprecedented demands of COVID-19 testing with limited staff and facilities. The only way to meet greater demand with reduced labor is to automate the most time-consuming COVID-19 test processes. COVAPP answers the needs of diagnostic laboratories by streamlining and automating laboratory processes from sample receipt to reporting results. COVAPP was designed for both the lab scientist and the lab director, providing optimized operational efficiency and increased COVID-19 testing capacity,” says Joseph Kalina, Marketing Manager of Xybion.

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