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Xybion's Labwise XD LIMS helps a paper-based COVID 19 clinical trial test lab transformed into the digital lab

January 12, 2021 – Xybion Partners with a leading provider of quality control testing in the clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water, and educational industries. They selected Xybion’s Labwise XD LIMS product to digitize its test labs including end-to-end test methods management, sample management, test execution, lab Data lake driven instrument integration, data management, document management and manage tests results. They can also collaborate with their customers through Xybion’s Digital Lab customer portal. Xybion LIMS was selected through a selection process run by their business users and IT teams. Their leadership team was closely involved in the process as this is a significant lab transformation initiative changing the way they run their labs today.

The Leading QC Testing Organization decided to digitize their lab operations to improve their productivity and reduce, if not eliminate, lab data integrity issues. Xybion’s Labwise XD provided all the capabilities needed to achieve the digitization goal with a high-speed implementation timeline. This is a cloud solution delivered in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Xybion will help this quality control test company through Xybion end-to-end digital platform which includes the following functionalities:

  • Lab process workflows
  • Sample registration
  • Sample management
  • Test methods management
  • Test report creation and management
  • Lab instrument integration
  • Data management and Data Lake
  • People training management
  • Document Management
  • Quality management
Labwise XD LIMS