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Kamal Biswas, President & COO, Xybion Corporation on PharmaVOICE

Kamal Biswas, President & COO, Xybion Corporation discusses on PharmaVOICE, about the Trends in Delivering Patient-Centric – ‘Connected Health’ Solutions.

Kamal Biswas, president and chief operating officer, Xybion, notes that pharma companies are working on collaborative models with providers to access better data and expertise to help with trials.

“With more and better data, pharma researchers can realize product effectiveness more quickly, understand product signals, and access the best talent for clinical trials,” he says. “As patients are more willing to share data in the digital world, other stakeholders, including the regulators, who need to be open to make this happen.”

Educated patient demands, the retail world of medicine, more data sharing, consolidation of manufacturer-provider-payer segments, evidence-based pharma, and modernized regulations are some of the areas leading toward the new centralized digital health ecosystem, Mr. Biswas adds.

As stakeholder boundaries become thinner and thinner, “connected health” is taking shape around the patients. Providers are focusing on outcomes. Employers are encouraging wellness. Medical-technology and pharma companies are making prescription compliance easier. Medical device companies are monitoring, dissecting, and taking health actions of their own. Payers are pushing for true health value-driven pricing models.

“These are all positive moves toward achieving patient value,” Mr. Biswas says.