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Xybion Launches a Comprehensive Track, Trace, Care and Case Central Cloud: Exigency ERT For Managing Post COVID 19 Return to Work Processes

Xybion’s Emidence Exigency App provides employers an easy way to implement and manage a safe workplace for return-to-work compliance with government mandates for employees to report and document their symptoms, trace, and notify contacts, manage respirator mask fitting, medical care, and claims.

Xybion Corporation, a global software, services, and consulting company, announced today that it has released a new cloud-based software application, Exigency-ERT, built on its existing workplace health and safety cloud platform, Emidence XD. It is fully integrated with Human Resource Management, Employee Health, and Claims systems. This will assist employers in fully documenting, managing the return-to-work, complying with emerging govt. mandates and safe workplace rules in post-COVID-19 workplace management. For Healthcare employers this also provides Respirator Mask fitting for all healthcare employees.

Immediate benefits of the Exigency-ERT are:

  • Enable employees to self-report their status for potential Covid-19 infection and automatically notify supervisors and Executive teams as defined by your organization hierarchy.
  • Trace, Track, and Notify all contacts with other employees made by the infected employee at the workplace. This can be automatically created based on their calendars and self-reporting of other incidental contacts.
  • Manage all cases through a “Command Center” Case management platform for all aspects of the case, care, and claims, all govt. reporting, internal investigations, corrective actions, training, absence and return-to-work. This can be used by both employers, and insurance carriers.