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Xybion’s SEND Intelligence Services can improve and simplify your dataset submission with full compliance and increased efficiency.

SEND Intelligence Services provide the latest SENDIG v3.1.1 data sets without any need for the acquisition of a new system or increased staffing.

A scientist wearing blue gloves and safety goggles is using a microscope in a laboratory, with various laboratory glassware containing blue liquid in the background.

Achieve Better Compliance

Xybion provides data preparation services to securely receive your raw data, ingest the data into our system and automatically produce the Define.xml dataset and a nonclinical study data reviewer’s guide. We complete the study data reviewer’s guide in collaboration with you and securely return the complete package.

The Most Automated and Integrated SEND Solution Available

Our SEND service provides a single package that allows users to define trial designs, import data from a variety of sources, and produce the complete SEND dataset, define.xml, and study data reviewer guide all at once.

The image shows a laboratory setting with various pieces of scientific glassware filled with a blue liquid on a metal countertop. In the background, three scientists are engaged in their work, with one peering through a microscope.
A scientist in a laboratory uses a laptop for work, surrounded by lab equipment, test tubes, and safety gear on the table.

Data Analysis, Visualization​ & Aggregation

Some key features of our SEND service software are the integrated solution with Spotfire makes nonclinical study data from in-house studies or partners accessible for cross-study analysis and its ability to ingest study data from disparate sources and formats to create SEND compliant datasets.

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