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Discover Xybion’s cutting-edge Digital Pathology solution, designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity in preclinical R&D laboratories. With Xybion Digital Pathology, pathologists can review slides with enhanced speed and accuracy, optimizing lab throughput. Experience reduced turnaround times, improved efficiencies, and simplified sharing of annotated slides, all while minimizing storage and retrieval times for glass slides. Book a free demo of Digital Pathology today offering the first preclinical laboratory information system that is fully integrated into the digital pathology workflow:

  • Enhanced slide review speed and accuracy, maximizing lab throughput.
  • Reduced turnaround times for glass slide storage and retrieval.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for efficient data exchange.
  • Unified preclinical R&D platform that connects pathology and research labs.
  • Improved sample review and annotation capabilities

Preclinical Xybion Digital Pathology

Xybion Digital Pathology is the first scanner agnostic preclinical laboratory information system of its kind that is fully integrated into the digital pathology workflow and provides efficient pathological studies of whole slides. It is the first Digital Pathology Software capable of viewing popular DICOM slide images.

Advance Software System

The advanced software system automates pathology labs for upgraded performance and better efficiency, allowing labs to operate with state-of-the-art services. The bundled solution balances technical front and management aspects making it a total solution.

Digital Pathology Innovation

The release of Xybion Digital Pathology is the latest pathology innovation that is fully integrated with the entire preclinical process. Xybion’s leading-edge solution significantly improves end-to-end pathology processes for today’s all-digital, all-remote world. Pathology labs can now have Your Process, Your Way, using Xybion’s rapidly customizable preclinical digital pathology platform built to maximize the efficiency and reduce the costs of non-clinical animal studies.

The Total Preclinical Xybion Digital Pathology Software System

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