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LIMS on the Cloud

Automate your lab processes with an all-in-one Digital Laboratory Management system including LIMS, Electronic Lab Notebook, Quality Management, and Document Management that connects with your existing operating systems.


Total Cloud LIMS Solution

Laboratories performing Scientific Research & Development, Clinical and Preclinical study sample testing, chemical research, biopharmaceutical development, diagnostic testing, and more can benefit from the state of the art digital lab management system, Xybion LIMS. Increase laboratory throughput with intelligent workflows from sample receipt to compliant reporting of study results and test data.

From Orders to Samples

A configurable business process workflow engine allows you to manage all aspects of your laboratory business operation – from receiving customer orders and samples, to digitizing your laboratory test protocols and executions (supported by digital QMS, DMS, and GRC modules), to linking customer portals to your CRM system and creating final reports and billing back to your customers.

Solutions for Every Lab​

Xybion LIMS is preconfigured to suit the needs of every lab environment, yet it is flexible and agile enough to be rapidly customized to meet your exact specifications. Built to adapt to all laboratory types, regardless of size, location, number of locations, or existing proprietary workflows, Xybion LIMS is the leading adaptable digital LIMS solution that allows you to have your process, your way. Get started today with a free demo.

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Xybion LIMS Performs

“We were able to configure our own process designs, including specialized plug-in reports—a testament to the ease of configuring Xybion LIMS' platform. This allowed us to minimize ongoing maintenance costs.”
Stephen Rogenthien
Director of Quality Assurance Ricerca Biosciences, LLC
“With its LIMS solution that enables lab technicians to precisely monitor each required activity, Xybion is ensuring intelligent flow of tasks and forms, assisting clients to create highly productive laboratory workflows.”
Stacey Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Pharma Tech Outlook

Purpose-built, Unified Laboratory Management Solution includes traditional LIMS, ELN, QMS, DMS, Data Management and Analytics on a Single Cloud Platform.