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Digital Transformation of
Workplace Health and Safety

Many organizations are now accelerating their transition to a digital operating environment that supports more agile ways of working to meet the seemingly daily changes to both employee and customer needs that are occurring in our rapidly changing world.

Total Workforce Health & Safety

The Importance

Due to rapidly shifting regulations from governmental agencies during the pandemic, firms in industries with heavy regulatory and compliance requirements such as pharmaceutical and life sciences, research and development, insurers, and healthcare professionals are now some of the primary drivers of EHS digitization. In these industries, the risks of noncompliance can be severe, and the ability to digitally monitor and predict business risks is vital to maintaining competitiveness.

In this White Paper

we will discuss the shifting EHS paradigm, how a quality digital EHS platform can impact the worker’s health and safety journey, important features to look for when choosing your EHS software, the benefits that various stakeholders can expect from a quality EHS solution

Not all digital EHS platforms are the same

You will also learn Distinctive Features of a Unified Digital Health and Safety Platform For a Safer Workplace and a Healthy Workforce, which will serve to reduce data silos, facilitate cross-functional communication, and optimize workflow processes involving employers, payors, service
providers, employees, and patient portals.

What our customers say

"Northwell Health has established its leadership position in workforce safety through its well-established processes and systems. However, the rapid business expansion and emerging needs for digitized and mobile operations across various sites needed more modern, agile, and advanced technology solutions. Xybion’s Emidence XD platform satisfies our current and evolving future needs with the unique adoption technique of “Your Process – Your Way."
Joseph F. Molloy
Vice President, Workforce Safety, Northwell Health

Discover the New EHS Paradigm