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Digital Transformation of Workplace Health and Safety

Many organizations are now accelerating their transition to a digital operating environment that supports more agile ways of working to meet the seemingly daily changes to both employee and customer needs that are occurring in our rapidly changing world.

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Total Workforce Health & Safety

Emidence XD for Employers

Automate, manage, and control workplace health and safety workflows via our rapidly deployable, easily configurable Employee Health and Safety Management application. Manage workplace health and safety across multiple sites (locally, regionally, nationally, globally) within your organization on-site and remotely.

Emidence XD for Insurance Carriers & TPAs

Emidence XD for payors, TPAs, and managed care providers is configured to support all workers’ compensation claims – including work-related injury, occupational health, and all workplace incidents.

Emidence XD for Healthcare Providers

The primary and the most common cause for delayed or reduced cash flow for providers is inaccurate and difficult to manage billing. Emidence XD prevents discrepancies and provides a hassle-free and accurate billing platform for all types of insurance and workers’ comp. This improves cash flows and gets payment to you on time in a seamless, easy to manage digital billing platform.

Testimonial from the Largest Private Employer in New York State

"Northwell Health has established its leadership position in workforce safety through its well-established processes and systems. However, the rapid business expansion and emerging needs for digitized and mobile operations across various sites needed more modern, agile, and advanced technology solutions. Xybion’s Emidence XD platform satisfies our current and evolving future needs with the unique adoption technique of “Your Process – Your Way."
Joseph F. Molloy
Vice President, Workforce Safety, Northwell Health

Digital Transformation of Workplace Health and Safety