Emidence-XD: Next Gen Workplace Health Safety Quality Management System

Deliver Improved Outcomes in Workplace Health and Safety with a Single Cloud–Based Modern Digital Acceleration Platform.

Total Workforce Health & Safety

Unified Workplace Health, Safety, Medical Care, Case, and Compliance Management Cloud Platform For Managing Employee Safety And Care Path Life-Cycle – Pre and post-injury

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What our customers say

"Northwell Health has established its leadership position in workforce safety through its well-established processes and systems. However, the rapid business expansion and emerging needs for digitized and mobile operations across various sites needed more modern, agile, and advanced technology solutions. Xybion’s Emidence XD platform satisfies our current and evolving future needs with the unique adoption technique of “Your Process – Your Way."
Joseph F. Molloy
Vice President, Workforce Safety, Northwell Health

A single solution for safety, health, compliance, and claims management.