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Xybion Predictive Compliance solution helps with planning, executing, and reporting internal audits. This helps in standardizing audit processes, and audit checklists. Compliance Risk Predictor can use the internal audit results to predict business risks.


Start taking proactive risk mitigation steps today with an artificial intelligence action plan that gives your business a competitive advantage unlike any other software developed. 

Learn how you can begin benefiting from the most innovative, forward-thinking, and patent pending artificial intelligence available on today’s market and start Leading Change in Compliance and Quality Risk Management.

Actionable Insights

The ability to reduce risk and noncompliance costs is at your fingertips. Compliance Risk Predictor leads your organization to prioritize your actions, create remediation plans, and automate monitoring resulting in better business outcomes.

Do you know your Quality Score?

Compliance Risk Predictor helps Life Sciences companies conduct quantitative assessments of business risks. The patent-pending solution improves a company’s ability to understand current compliance status, know business risks, and prioritize actions. Understanding higher visibility and prioritized actions make teams more productive and reduce costs.

Only Compliance Risk Predictor provides a quantitative score for a company’s Risk & Compliance Maturity Index (RCMI) at the company level, country level and functional area level, and turns it into actionable information that empowers you to prioritize actions based on findings. The tool can be used internally as well as with your third-party vendors.

How Does Compliance Risk Predictor Work?

To determine your company’s RCMI, the system identifies the regulatory compliance risk and guides users through a questionnaire that assesses your current state of maturity. Follow-up audits are conducted based on identified areas of risk. During the audit stage, the system automatically finds nonconformances in documents. Compliance Risk Predictor classifies all nonconformances based on a proprietary database and prioritizes actions based on the likelihood of citation and financial impact.

Artificial Intelligence Action Plan

Identifying and mitigating risk with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing is not a futuristic development or unimaginable feat. These powerful tools that will make lasting changes in your organization and workflow are available for you to take advantage of today. With the costs of FDA 483’s, citations, and warning letters ranging into the millions, developing a proactive approach to quality and compliance risk mitigation is clearly one of the most beneficial actions you could take as a leader of your business.

Predict, Automate, and Mitigate Compliance Risk.

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