Xybion Digital Acceleration Platform

Dynamic & Intelligent BPM | Rapid Configuration | Unified Operational Integration

Industry-Best Cloud Platform for Digital Transformation

Xybions Digital Acceleration Platform

A true Digital Acceleration Platform must deliver all three of the following “Must Haves”

  • Unified Operational Integration Framework to deliver data integrity across processes, quality and compliance domains
  • A Rapid Configuration Engine to personalize to your business
  • Create a Digital & Mobile Workplace including all the modern technology tools and gadgets


Xybion’s Digital Acceleration Platform, XDP is a purpose-built, cloud-based intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) application designed for uses where high levels of regulations and strict evidence-based documentation of activities are required.

The platform incorporates adaptable BPM capabilities and out-of-the-box governance, complaints & incident management, predictive compliance, quality, health & safety, credentialing and risk management. XDP creates a Digital Workplace Solution (DWS) incorporating Internet-of-Things where customers, suppliers/vendors, partners, governing bodies, and any other external/internal stakeholders in the company’s value chain can collaborate in a secure, single cloud-based solution. It is ideally designed for multinational, multilingual and multi partner work environments.

XDP’s Functional Architecture brings all needed functionalities for Dynamic Business Processes, GRC, Nonconformance, Complaint, Case Management, Content Management and integration capabilities on a single low-code technology-based COTS Platform offered as Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Platform Features

  • Codeset Management
  • Form Builder
  • Flexible Task Management & Triggering of Workflows, Tasks
  • Dynamic Business Process & Workflow Designer
  • Rules Engine
  • Query Builder
  • Report Mapping and Report Creation
  • Integration Framework and Tools
  • XDP APIs
  • Other Integrations
  • Export and Import Functionality
  • Support Modules
  • Audit Trails
  • Multilingual
  • User Management, Roles & Security
  • Appointment Management

Unified Operational Ecosystem

The foundation of the Digital Acceleration Platform is the “Unified Operational Ecosystem”

  • It ties together the four key dimensions of every regulated business; Process, Quality, Compliance and Data Assets. Traditional solutions are siloed, leaving orchestration up to you
  • XDP allows you to realize greater data integrity through a common platform
  • You can harvest efficiencies via integration breadth and functional depth
The platform ensures process fidelity, data integrity, and chain of custody protection across your organization. This Unified Operational Ecosystem provides the functional breadth and depth companies need for highly regulated industries. By ensuring ingrained quality and embedded compliance, it greatly simplifies IT architectures and releases resources back to the business.

Rapid Configuration Engine

Rapidly Personalize to Your Business

  • Many companies wait for months or years to get the “last mile” customizations they need for maximum efficiency
  • Manual processes (and their inherent susceptibility to error) are still widespread even in advanced companies due to systems that can’t be personalized to the business
Xybion’s Digital Acceleration Platform’s Rapid Configuration Engine solves the “Last Mile” problem, where the only way to fully align applications to the company’s needs is to develop client-specific customizations. Not only do you get up and running in record time, the entire quality ecosystem is tailored to your unique needs today – and is adaptable to your changing needs tomorrow.

Intelligent Digital Workplace

Mobilize your people for the Connected World

  • Leverage modern digital channels – mobile, chat, cloud, collaboration capabilities – without sacrificing functional depth
  • Automate processes so that team members can concentrate on those business-critical tasks that cannot be automated
  • Connect, manage and support operational teams composed of both internal and external resources
The Digital Acceleration Platform enables team members to collaborate via the cloud, with full calendar, alerts, chat, and email capabilities. It provides this Intelligent Digital Workplace to your entire team – both internal team members and external partners and processes. This workplace provides unparalleled productivity to your people.

Out-of-the-Box Apps

Our cloud-based Digital Acceleration Platform provides multiple apps to manage business processes and workflow-integrated content management. Domain-specific applications provide out-of-the-box solutions, but can also be easily configured to support unique business process through our “Your Process – Your Way” customization services.

Xybion supports multiple workflows of your business with its cloud-based, low-code platform to ensure quality of products, and care with compliance.

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