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Research and Science Laboratory Management System

An All-In-One Solution For Managing Samples, Processes, Data, and Analysis.

Top Features of Xybion LIMS Research and Science Laboratory Management System

Sample Management

It provides an intuitive interface for managing all laboratory samples, from receiving and tracking to inventory management and disposal.

Automated Workflows

It streamlines and automates your laboratory workflows and operations, from sample processing to data analysis.

Equipment Management

It allows you to manage your laboratory equipment and its maintenance schedules.


Xybion LIMS is designed to comply with industry standards and regulations, making it an ideal solution for GMP-compliant laboratories.

Reporting and Dashboards

Xybion LIMS provides customizable reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gain insights into your laboratory operations and make data-driven decisions.

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Reduce Compliance Risk

Implement an all-in-one digital cloud platform to be always ready to meet compliance needs.

Increase Efficiency​

Replace standalone applications and paper trails with fully customized digital solutions.

Reduce Cost by 30%

Compliance Embedded, Quality Engrained, Data Integrity Assured

Xybion LIMS Pharmaceutical Product Development Functionalities

Xybion LIMS supports the entire laboratory ecosystem, including Test Methods, LIMS, ELNS, QMS, ECN, and Customer Portals

With Xybion LIMS – Research and Science Laboratory Management System, you can:

The Power of Xybion LIMS

Managing a laboratory can be complex, with multiple systems deployed to streamline workflows and track operations. This can include everything from managing materials, and process flows to tracking CAPAs, deviations, and training records. Unfortunately, many organizations rely on multiple disparate systems to perform these tasks, including LIMS, ELNs, QMS, electronic data capture systems, and learning management systems. These disparate systems can lead to inefficiencies, non-compliance, errors, and costly manual processes.

Xybion LIMS is a unified laboratory management solution that includes LIMS, ELN, QMS, data management, and powerful analytics. Xybion LIMS integrates all your laboratory functions into one system, eliminating the need for multiple software applications and manual processes. Additionally, Xybion LIMS is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor the system to meet the unique needs of your laboratory. Whether you need to manage GMP or non-GMP-compliant process flows, Xybion LIMS can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of Xybion LIMS Research and Science Laboratory Management System

Increased Efficiency

Xybion LIMS streamlines workflows, and automated processes can help reduce errors, improve turnaround times, and increase productivity.

Ensure Compliance

With Xybion LIMS, you can be confident that your laboratory meets industry standards and regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, ISO, and HIPAA.

Better Resource Management

Xybion LIMS’s materials and equipment management features help you optimize your laboratory resources, reducing costs and improving utilization.

Improved Data Quality

Xybion LIMS’s automated data capture and analysis tools can help improve the accuracy and quality of your laboratory data.

Enhanced Data Management

You can store and organize data in a secure, centralized location. The platform also offers data visualization tools, making analyzing and interpreting data easier.

How Xybion LIMS Pharmaceutical Product Development Can Help

If you’re part of a research and development team, then you know that managing the process can be overwhelming. From coordinating team members to tracking progress, it can be challenging to keep everything organized. With Xybion LIMS Research and Development Management System, a cutting-edge solution unifies laboratory operations within an organization. By unifying all laboratory functions onto a single platform, it enables businesses to optimize the management of critical business processes impacting data capture, management, visualization, and reporting.

The system also significantly minimizes risks while maintaining regulatory compliance. The platform is built on a business process management engine that facilitates the intelligent flow of tasks and forms.

Xybion LIMS integrates R&D laboratory functions in a low-code cloud platform, enabling businesses to run all analytics and reports from a single location. The solution is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted on AWS cloud or on-premises in the company’s data center. With Xybion LIMS Research and Development Management System, you can streamline laboratory operations, reduce risks, and enhance regulatory compliance. Book a demo today to learn how we can help you optimize your laboratory environment. Our team can walk you through the platform and show you how it can help streamline your R&D process.