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Industry Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

Drawing from vast research, knowledge, and experience from serving over 350 clients in 35 countries, Xybion offers an integrated CLC & GRC solution that facilitates life sciences companies to achieve higher levels of performance, efficiency, and compliance and lower their total cost of ownership. Xybion offers its solutions to its clients as software, services, or combined solutions. Xybion’s unique integrated GRC solution unifies key areas of compliance such as quality management. Globally, Xybion solutions have been working successfully with the FDA for decades, and we have been the recipient of many awards:

Xybion receiving an award for predictive compliance software

People’s Choice Best of Show Award Bio-IT World 2024

In 2024, Xybion Digital won the People’s Choice Best of Show Award for its Compliance Risk Predictor solution at the 23rd Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts. Compliance Risk Predictor‘s patented AI stands out as a truly exceptional innovation in life sciences technology with its ability to to predict and mitigate compliance risks 

“We attribute Xybion’s success at Bio-IT World 2024 in Boston to our practical application of Generative AI in solving business problems within the Life Sciences industry, rather than only showcasing our technology capabilities,” said Kamal Biswas, President & COO. “We are grateful to receive this direct feedback from the judges and audience members about how our ability to solve business challenges differentiates us from over 100 other companies at the show.”

Outstanding Service Award

In 2020, Xybion received the Outstanding Service Award from the US FDA National Center of Toxicological Research recognizing Xybion’s Pristima preclinical R&D Solution and Xybion’s outstanding commitment to governance, risk, and compliance that provides excellent support and dedication to modernizing preclinical data management (CDMS).

Pharma Tech Outlook announces Xybion as a Top 10 LIMS Solution Provider - 2022

Xybion's LIMS solution recognized as one of the Top 10 Best LIMS by Pharma Tech Outlook

In 2019, Xybion’s LIMS solution was recognized as one of the Top 10 Best LIMS by Pharma Tech Outlook, a leading resource for pharmaceutical professionals. This award highlights Xybion’s excellence in Digital Lab Management Systems, encompassing LIMS, Electronic Lab Notebooks, Quality Management, and Document Management. This recognition positions Xybion LIMS as a top choice for labs seeking a comprehensive and innovative solution.

Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award

In 2012, Xybion received Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award for the valuable accomplishments done in Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management Solutions for the life sciences R&D market.


Xybion’s solutions—including preclinical, asset management, quality and compliance, risk and governance, and content management—are unparalleled in this space. Xybion’s ability to change in accordance with the market needs and to address the primary challenges of scalability and integration in the best possible manner makes it difficult to match.” -Frost and Sullivan

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