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A Roadmap for Success

Automation is changing the way passenger and cargo transportation is conducted. Companies are turning to digital solutions to minimize manual processes and paperwork while staying in compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements. From managing logistics to physical asset management, transportation entities need solutions to streamline complex processes and regulatory affairs.

Xybion is the right solution provider for the transportation industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of technology and service solutions that are designed to help you manage your physical assets as well as complex processes such as audit and corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) to eliminate causes of nonconformities.

Xybion helps improve operations for transportation companies to lower costs and reduce risks.


We work with all top 10 global life science companies, large CROs, major medical device companies, and small/start-up organizations using a build-operate-transfer model.


Our cloud-based software solutions are designed for uses where high levels of regulations and strict evidence-based documentation of activities are required.


We offer consulting services for business analysis, project management, process improvement, and scientific operations improvement. We also provide support for IBM Maximo asset management solutions.

A single cloud-based digital platform to manage your business


  • Trip planning
  • Car and train scheduling
  • Terminal control
  • Train & crew management

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Linear assets
  • Rolling stock
  • Maintenance – repair & overhaul

Commercial and G&A

  • Lead-to-cash
  • Business intelligence
  • Pricing
  • CRM & Accounting
  • Procurement & HR

Solutions for
Workplace Health & Safety

Across all industries, employers must manage employee health and safety, but the transportation industry presents unique occupational health concerns that must be addressed. From managing incidents and OSHA reporting to safely managing an employee’s return-to-work, Xybion has a suite of services to support health and safety management protocols.
Occupational Health & Safety

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