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Enterprise Procurement

Solutions for Procurement

While every company wants to standardize contracting processes, it is still too far from reality. Procurement and contracting teams spend a lot of time going through the master services agreement, statements of work, service level agreements, rate cards, and payment milestones every time a new project is initiated, or a change order is created.

Xybion provides a contract compliance solution that automates rules-based checks to reduce manual review by up to 70%.

Procurement Workflow

A typical statement of work (SOW) may take 30 minutes to review manually. With the Xybion XDP Predictive Compliance solution, you. can review and compile status reports in under a minute, including:

  • SOW/MSA/contract review
  •  Vendor SLA review
  •  Invoice review and invoice compliance with SOW
  • Rate card comparison
  • Vendor quality scorecard
  • Supplier risk management
  • Supplier audits

Vendor Compliance Reports

Monitor vendor SLA commitments with status reports that can be automatically generated according to your timeline.

Screenshot Procurement

Vendor / Third-Party Audits

As all the suppliers need to be qualified for their work, most companies use quality, compliance, and security audits to ensure their relationship is derisked. Xybion third-party audit solution helps companies to automate the audit process, standardizes ways of getting audits done, ensure follow-ups and closure. A lot of pre-work is done using Xybion automation tool to find the high-risk audit areas which help the auditor to prioritize. Xybion solution offers documentation and CAPA solutions, as required.

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