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Healthcare and Insurance

Healthcare and Insurance Markets

The healthcare and insurance markets have rigorous compliance standards that businesses must adhere to every day. With Xybion software solutions, you can manage quality and regulatory adherence while reducing the costs of compliance.

Xybion provides cloud-based solutions to support healthcare and insurance companies with compliance, risk management, governance, and enterprise content management solutions.


From hospitals and clinics to medical device manufacturing, the healthcare market presents a unique set of regulatory compliance challenges. Healthcare providers need to be in an always-ready state for Medicare and Medicaid audits such as RAC, MIC, and ZPIC, and this creates an ever-growing constraint on resources.

In addition to managing a myriad of ever-changing regulations, the number one issue within the healthcare industry is cost control. With Xybion, you can have help reducing the costs of managing these critical processes.

Our solutions help healthcare organizations effectively manage quality, risk, and compliance objectives in a controlled manner.

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Asset Management


For the insurance companies, it is essential to understand, approve and authorize payment of claims based on a real-time understanding of medical justification, relevant fee schedules and review of other evidence. In addition, insurance companies need compliance, and risk assessment of the insureds.

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