Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Xybion’s exclusive solutions, such as lab management, asset management, compliance management, and other solutions help global organizations meet the multidisciplinary operations of an enterprise with high interoperability.

While the streamlined quality management system helps pharma, manufacturing, and other organizations in the regulated industry to determine the quality in their business operations, the digital lab solution meets the complex lab operation challenges of R&D centers of these organizations.

Similarly, while our enterprise content management solution helps you increase productivity through role-based interfaces, dashboards, and highly configurable communication, you can optimize your asset performance with an end-to-end asset management solution.

Digital Lab

Xybion’s SaaS-based global platform serves more than 5000 users in the regulated industry with end-to-end digital laboratory execution system (D-LES), combining process management with compliance and governance system. By integrating multiple operating systems, such as quality management, asset management, enterprise risk management, document management, Xybion’s digital platform facilitates complete business process management of R&D labs.

Quality Management

Xybion offers a next-generation all-in-one risk, compliance, and quality management solution to all the organizations working in the complex and highly regulated industry. By seamlessly connecting internal organizations with vendors, external partners, and regulators, Xybion’s CQRM XD allows organizations to integrate common operational practices, such as process management, supplier management, employee & customer involvement, equipment development and other practices.

Internal Audit

Organizations working in the compliance-driven regulated industry can avoid the likely non-conformances with the involvement of quality-ingrained compliance solutions in internal audit operations. The integrated framework allows internal auditors to collect, consolidate, analyze, and track the critical info related to purchases, sales, creditors, debtors, inventory, and other sectors with pre-defined workflows and enterprise document management system.

The digital acceleration platform of Xybion fosters transparency in supply chain operations, nurtures internal collaboration, and increases the ability to identify the compliance risks.

Enterprise Risk & Compliance

Organizations working in the regulated industry are susceptible to multiple risks triggering from multiple operations and sources. Xybion offers a digital acceleration platform for comprehensive risk and compliance management, which addresses the future business and innovation risks through predictive compliance.

Similarly, Third Party Risk Management has assumed greater significance with enhanced scrutiny on the quality of end products.

Xybion Digital Platform Solution provides end-to-end management of all the activities, information, templates, data libraries, files, documents, reports, notifications and KPI from the initial requests, planning and scheduling, assessments, findings tracking, CAPA, review/approvals to the full management of the documentation throughout the various multiyear lifecycle of the risk evaluation and certification processes of the Third Parties. It is ideally designed for multinational, multilingual, and multi-stakeholder work environments.

Enterprise Asset Management

Along with a comprehensive solution for quality management, Xybion provides an intuitive solution to collect, store, track and maintain the complete equipment inventory, and to manage all assets, materials, storeroom management and logistic activities of manufacturing companies.

Integrated with enterprise document management module, Xybion’s cloud-based platform for asset management enables manufacturers to identify the crucial barriers in asset performance, manages & tracks asset performance against KPIs and collects key data from various devices.

The solution helps organizations ensure data integrity across the enterprise and facilitates clean and validated data migration from other systems.