The Regulated Industry Experts

Xybion’s focus, since 1977, is on helping companies operating in heavily regulated industries to improve and streamline processes while reducing IT costs related to supporting regulated processes.  We enable our customers to focus on their core business by making the pressures from outside regulatory bodies more manageable.

Xybion’s solutions cover a broad set of technologies and business processes.  Our solutions are designed to help you create a more intelligent enterprise for that operates in a streamlined, cost-efficient manner.  Our domain expertise in key vertical market segments allow Xybion to deliver technology, processes and solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Xybion solutions uniquely address challenges across multiple industry sectors.  Leveraging our multi-industry domain experience, our focus is to deliver enterprise technologies and services that help drive innovation while ensuring sustained compliance with global regulations and guidelines.  Our focus is on highly regulated industries that rely on comprehensive enterprise solutions that deliver bottom line performance and scalability.  In addition to driving cost reductions by transforming processes, our industry products and solutions are delivered through SaaS or on premise to help maximize your return on investment.

Our key solutions cross a broad spectrum of industries that provide mission critical technologies and processes such as…

  • Regulatory management solutions for enterprises in regulated environments
  • Quality and compliance solutions for enterprises operating globally in regulated industries
  • Global solutions delivery for multinational corporations
  • Validation solutions for technology, assets and processes for enterprises operating in regulated industries
  • Enterprise content management
  • Information & data  migration and management
  • Records management