Federated Records Management

Xybion’s FRM solutions provides powerful records management and federation capabilities for companies and helps you better manage the massive amounts of content in your infrastructure. FRM will  connect your legacy ECM systems with today’s leading content repositories.  Our Federated Records Management solution is based on the Vital Path PathBuilder™ solution.

Is your company prepared to manage the exploding digital universe?

  • Cost of storage is decreasing while the cost of protecting and maintaining records integrity is increasing
  • Data must be maintained and archived for longer periods of time
  • Amount of user/employee-generated data is exploding at an alarming rate
  • Most companies manage data repositories in an ad-hoc manner

Xybion FRM alleviates many of these critical issues by providing a true Federated solution for managing “in-place” data and content repositories.  Using a market-leading data management solution, combined with industry best practices and experienced professional services, Xybion’s FRM is the right solution when terabytes of critical content are on the line.  FRM provides the following key functions:

  • Leverage native content repositories – Leverage existing records and content stores by leaving content in its native repository and create aliases of each record.
  • Comprehensive records management – Manage file plans, retention schedules and records disposition across multiple repositories.
  • Federated search and retrieval –  Conduct a single federated search across multiple disparate repositories.
  • Uniform policy management – Apply key records management policies such as records disposition and hold consistently across all record and content management systems.