ECM-XD Modules & Components

Document Management System

The XDP ECM is a secure web-based system that offers out-of-the-box compliance without customization.   The ECM provides full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow-based collaborative document review, approvals and distributions; full-text searches and notifications.  It allows drag and drop and with the integration with the workflow engine, the user can drop a file into a field on a workflow and it can be auto-filed in the folder structure.

  • Electronic Content Management for version control, security, centralized search and history
  • Multiple views (structures) of the files in the ECM structure.
  • Document Types for classification of document metadata.
  • PDF rendering with stamping schema
  • Upload documents
  • Document training records
  • Powerful, securable dashboards with lists, charts and favorites workflows for the periodic review, review, approval, publishing and expiry of documents.

Document Change Control

ECM provides a configurable document change control process from request through each phase of the document life-cycle through publishing.

Document Change Control

Document Files and Taxonomy – Folder Structure

The intelligent tagging of content metadata to allow auto-filing in the content structure along with full text searches and smart views allows customers to find documents rapidly.

Multiple views (structures) of the files in the ECM structure. Document workflows and integrated Training workflows

Allows hierarchical folder structure to file documents but is not required for organizations who do not use folder approach.

Document Types

The system provides a document types module which allows users to set document metadata, numbering and participant information at a higher level.  This enhances ease of maintenance for changing document behavior over a set of documents. 

PDF Ingestion and Annotation Services Module

The annotation Module allows PDF documents to be scanned and annotated along with the collection of relevant metadata. These documents can be distributed in combination with e-mails.

Document Metadata

The document properties include out of the box metadata that can be configured to provide additional customer specific fields. The documents can be linked to their relevant locations and other impacted documents.

Contract/Template Compliance – Predictive Compliance

Xybion Predictive compliance modules provide the capability for the uploading of documents and routing them through a process to compare their content and structure in accordance with approved company business rules and templates. This powerful capability can identify deviations from approved templates automatically and analyse certain data to determine productivity.

Integration and Indexing with 3rd party sources

The indexing module allows the company to upload documents from external sources, index and process them in accordance with a set of rules and run them through a workflow process and pass data back to the third-party source.

Competency Management

The skill/competency and training record management solution is a web-based solution that allows organizations to comply with current training regulations by identifying all the required skills and needed training per each job role. Manage, track and report against online training, offline training, classroom training sessions and all other training activities. Provides online examinations and extensive management reporting for easy assessment of an individual’s performance and the evaluation of overall training effectiveness.· Training Activities – create tasks to take /complete training· Training Records – One place to view all training acquired by person· Job Role/Training Matrix – required training automatically assigned once user added to role· Skills – skills acquired by training· Courses – courses given in order to acquire training

External Systems Integration

The core platform comes with features that promote integration with external systems thereby leveraging the company’s IT investments.  These powerful time-saving capabilities can be enabled with assistance from Xybion’s experienced professional services team.  Active Directory Integration, E-mail integration, website integration, and external system and database integration. Both push and pull from the external sources have been done, on a synchronized scheduled and real-time.  Integrations include:

  • HR systems
  • ERP systems
  • External fields – link to third party databases to pull information
  • System tasks – pull/push data from/to external databases.
  • API Launch – pull data from external database based on a trigger and start a process/filling the form.
  • Synchro – import data from external databases on a schedule.

Tools & Components

PDF Converter

Add-on tool for rendering documents.  Includes capabilities for watermarking, headers/footers, signature pages.

System Records

Report Mapping – XD supports the capability to drop in report templates in Word and excel with mapping to the fields in order to generate reports in other modules. In addition, the Interfaces capability allows the system to establish interfaces with other external systems for the push and pull of data.

Integration Framework

Active Directory Integration, E-mail integration, website integration. Both push and pull allowed the targeted master system to retain control over its data.