ECM-XD Benefits

Link critical business data to key controlled documents Seamless integration allows users to access key documents such as SOPs, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) documents), process reports and documents just in time
Improve Access, Accuracy, and Velocity of Information Flow Embedded notifications, workload management and dashboard results provide visibility to key activities, indicators and risks for resolution

Eliminates all manual steps in the life cycle of a document, including change management

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Increases efficiency by replacing multiple systems in and integrates to the master data systems that are not replaced
Reduced Time Spent Looking for Documents Documents can be searched in one common area and can be also be found in the related records.  Favorites and dashboard lists assist in finding key documents quickly
Increased Worker Productivity & Improved Enterprise Collaboration Collaborative tools and role-specific dashboards allow users to perform their key tasks quickly with appropriate inputs from others
No Expensive Customization Platform allows configuration of workflows, forms and business rules
Enhances accuracy and compliance Reduces the number of errors as a result of using the wrong version of a documentIncreases traceability and accountabilityAccelerates the verification, approval and distribution of documentsKeeps documents in a secure vault