Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management for the Digital Age


Enterprise Content Management ECM-XD, based on Xybion’s Digital Platform (XDP), provides a single, secure cloud platform architected to integrate end-to-end enterprise processes and content. In addition, the process rules, security, faceted search capability, powerful query builder and report capabilities allow data to be retrieved at the right time by the appropriate people, which can include partners, external service providers and other stakeholders via secured solution and mobile platforms.

ECM-XD fully supports the way YOU work; your processes – your way. With a combination of Enterprise Information Management(EIM) and Intelligent Information Management(IIM) disciplines, Xybion’s ECM – XD helps organizations promote transparancy in data management and enhance business insight with improved information asset governance.

The Difference

Powerful, customized Dashboards

Check-in/check-out, versioning

Linking of workflows and documents

Audit Trail and visualizing status

Templates and Forms

Automatic PDF Conversion

Creation, storage and retrieval

Receive documents in multiple formats

visualize records and workflows together

Dual ID/password; non-biometric e-signatures


bulk import/export

Support for all documents

Comprehensive document security

Configurable document properties

Skill and Training Record Management

Tagging on content

Task management

Full electronic signature

Document hyperlinks


Link critical business data to key controlled documents

Improve Access, Accuracy, and Velocity of Information Flow

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced Time Spent Looking for Documents

Increased Worker Productivity

Improved Enterprise Collaboration

No Expensive Customization

Enhances accuracy and compliance

ECM XD Modules

The ECM provides full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow-based collaborative document review, approvals and distributions; full-text searches and notifications.  It allows drag and drop and with the integration with the workflow engine, the user can drop a file into a field on a workflow and it can be auto-filed in the folder structure.

  • Document Change Control
  • Document Files and Taxonomy – Folder Structure
  • Document Types
  • PDF Ingestion and Annotation Services
  • Document Metadata
  • Contract/Template Compliance – Predictive Compliance
  • Integration and Indexing with 3rd party sources
  • Competency Management
  • External Systems Integration
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