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Workplace Health, Safety, Incident, and Investigation

Safety Management Made Simple

Health, Safety, Incident, and Case Management Module

Manages incidents from initial identification through final disposition, tracking, and reporting. The fully configurable incident workflow management allows you to:

Safety Investigations, Audits and Inspections Module​

As an employer, ensuring the safety of your employees is not only your moral responsibility but also your legal obligation. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can cause significant harm to your employees and your business, resulting in lost productivity, legal liabilities, and a damaged reputation. Emidence Safety Investigation Management provides organizations with the tools to minimize risks, manage compliance, and create a safer workplace for their employees.

Emidence is an innovative safety management software that streamlines your safety investigation process, enabling you to identify potential hazards and take proactive measures to prevent accidents. With Emidence, you can create custom workflows, automate tasks, and generate reports to help you manage your compliance obligations and minimize risks.


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How Emidence Occupational Health, Safety, Incident, Investigation and Industrial Hygiene Management Can Help

Emidence allows you to: