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Workforce Health and Safety, Incident, Case, OSHA Reporting, Medical Billing, and Workers' Compensation

Automate, manage, and control workforce health and safety workflows with unified employee health and safety management software on a single cloud platform.

Workers’ Compensation Management Software

Welcome to a whole new level of managing your employee health and safety (EHS) and regulatory reporting compliance. Xybion’s workers’ compensation management software allows you to manage claims in a centralized location. You can process claims more efficiently, creating optimal results much faster.

Challenges With Workers' Compensation Management

Managing workers’ compensation comes with a multitude of challenges, such as an inefficient claims processing system, increased workload, and constant legislative and regulatory changes. All of these impede the claims process, further delaying the employee’s compensation.

Overview of Emidence XD

Whether you are an employer, a health care provider, or a payor, we have a solution for you. Digitally follow an employee through the Workers’ Comp system lifecycle, making the right workplace health, safety, post-injury care recommendations at the right time. All stakeholders can have a full view of activity that impacts their decision-making, before and after an injury. Xybion’s Workplace Health & Safety Platform delivers a total end-to-end solution for the Occupational Health & Safety Ecosystem. Emidence XD’s rapid configuration capability ensures that your personalized solution will meet your immediate needs, and scale rapidly as needed to support future functionality requirements without disrupting current business operations. Validation rules, robust access controls, and integration of all data & activities into a single database. Audit trails promote data integrity, reduces staff training time and system support costs, and streamlines reporting activities thereby lowering the total cost of ownership.

The unified solution offers modules for the three main groups of workplace health: Employers, Payors, and Providers.

“Northwell Health has established its leadership position in workforce safety through its well-established processes and systems. However, the rapid business expansion and emerging needs for digitized and mobile operations across various sites needed more modern, agile, and advanced technology solutions. Xybion’s Emidence XD platform satisfies our current and evolving future needs with the unique adoption technique of “Your Process – Your Way.”

– Joseph F. Molloy, Vice President, Workforce Safety, Northwell Health

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Reduce Compliance Risk

Implement an all-in-one digital cloud platform to be always ready to meet compliance needs.

Increase Efficiency​

Replace standalone applications and paper trails with fully customized digital solutions.

Reduce Cost by 30%

Compliance Embedded, Quality Engrained, Data Integrity Assured

Let’s visualize the platform through the following scenes.​

SCENE 1: Lifecycle of an Injury Through the Digital Platform

Let us visualize the platform we introduced through the following scene.

Here is Freddy. Freddy is late for his next meeting at the other end of the building. Freddy is running through the hallway, which is a safety violation, to begin with. Someone dropped a pen and did not realize it. Freddy slips on the pen and falls backward onto his back.

SCENE 2: Incident Report, Investigation and OSHA Reporting

Utilizing the Health and Safety Module, Freddy can log this incident directly into Emidence through a self-service portal authorized by the employer. Freddy’s risk manager pulls Freddy’s employee demographic information from the human resource system and is guided through a series of questions to gather pertinent information to send to the employer’s carrier or third-party administrator. The third-party administrator will load the injury detail into the claims management system to establish a claim or report the only incident.

SCENE 3: Case Management, Return to Work and Industrial Hygiene

Emidence Case management module automatically creates a case and is immediately available to the case managers.

SCENE 4: Patient Portal & Physician Office Visit and the Encounter

The injured employee will visit the patient portal of the physician’s practice management system to pre-fill basic health information. Details about the injury are automatically pulled into the physician’s system through our integrated model.

The physician will sign into the practice management module and be guided through a series of evidence-based, injury-specific guidelines. When the physician completes the assessment, the physician will lock the record and automatically send the medical bill and medical notes through the billing platform electronically to the carrier or third-party administrator.

SCENE 5 & 6: Bill Received by Payor and Sent to Medical Bill Review

The carrier will log back into the claims platform and see that a bill has been received.

The integrated system enables the carrier to see the stage the employee is in throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

The carrier will release payment to the provider and attach to the claim file within the claims management system the documentation supporting payment.

How Xybion’s Workers’ Compensation Management Software Can Help

With Xybion, managing workers’ compensation has never been easier. Our comprehensive compensation claims management software doubles your productivity and efficiency by centralizing all the information you need in one place. Xybion allows you to tailor and streamline your process while minimizing errors and improving processing time.

Here are more ways Xybion can elevate your compensation management systems:

A Fast and Precise Case Management Solution

Xybion is a complete and thorough compensation claims management software. It provides human resources and insurance professionals with a means to easily manage, track, and communicate information related to injured workers. Such solutions aim to improve the efficiency of workplace safety. It also relieves the burden of manually handling complex claims in the fastest, easiest way possible.

Our workers’ compensation software uses the latest technology to keep you in compliance with the complex rules and regulations that drive workers’ compensation policies and procedures. From work-related injuries to occupational disease and workplace fatalities, it streamlines case processes and helps maximize claim value by accelerating the processing time. It also allows government agencies to receive, monitor, and process compensation claims quickly and efficiently.

Increase Efficiency and Optimize Results

Workers’ compensation claims can be time-consuming and challenging to process, involving multiple parties and requiring extensive paperwork. Our workers’ compensation case management software enables efficiency, which is integral to driving optimal outcomes. Optimize your workers’ compensation by:

Empowering You to Make Better Decisions Through Data-Driven Insights

In addition to improving efficiency, Xybion’s health and safety platform provides intelligent dashboards and advanced analytics to minimize risk while increasing your return on investment. It helps claim managers gain a deeper understanding of claims and outcomes, allowing them to predict risk and take preventive action to optimize future performance.

With access to real-time information, you can:

Keep Track of Changes in Compliance

As a platform dedicated to your success, our compliance team will keep your business in line with the latest workplace laws and regulations. This allows you to meet changing EHS compliance requirements without changing code or impacting your teams. At its core, it automates processes, simplifies compliance, and reduces operating costs. The result is a seamless experience for workers, employers, and insurance providers.

Schedule a free demo today, and let us show you how our EHS solution will positively impact your business.

What does all of this mean for you? No matter what role you play within the workers’ comp system, we have created a way that you can have a holistic view of the employee through the WC system, pre, and post injury.