Workers’ Comp Cloud Overview

Complete Worker’s Compensation Software Platform

The workers’ compensation marketplace needs an end to end, fully digital solution capturing entire patient, provider, payer, legal and regulatory stakeholder processes. Xybion Health, a division of Xybion Corporation, has developed the industry’s first digital workers compensation platform capable of integrating and managing the entire WC process from first incident report through claims management and supports all of the main constituents in the WC process including employee, employer, provider and payor on a single platform.

A different approach to Workers’ Compensation technology
The workers’ compensation process is an extremely complex, fluid and difficult process to manage. Multiple stakeholders from Providers to Employers to Payors are involved and are under constant scrutiny from State and Federal guidelines. Each stakeholder has a unique set of needs and requirements. Xybion Health has built a complete workers’ compensation software platform that meets the needs of all key stakeholders in the workers’ comp process.

Xybion Health addresses the challenges of this complex market by offering a first of its kind solution that offers a holistic or modular approach to the technology that drives the complex processes.