Provider Credentialing & Privilege Management

Emidence XD

Provider Credentialing and Privilege Management is more critical now than ever before

In today’s world of consolidating Healthcare Systems, it has become critical for Health systems executives to be able to derive synergies from consolidating the use of healthcare professionals across multiple facilities. Emidence Credentialing and Privilege Management Module help onboarding new professionals and credentialing them to new facilities for new privileges or offering new privileges to currently credentialed professionals across multiple sites.

Emidence Delineation of Privilege Management features:

Apps and portal for submitting applications and documentations for the privilege.

Real-time online verification from various Govt. sites and capturing digital information for the official records.

Establishing Privilege management committees and approval processes across sites based on Governance policies of the organization.

Approving a single professional across multiple sites and multiple processionals for a single site

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