Platform Features

  • 100% Cloud-based accessible via any device.
  • ACOEM/MTUS Evidence & outcome based analytics and reports.
  • Reduced cycle time and cost of claim processing.
  • Built-in evidence that the treatment plan recommend for the patient has been done and the outcomes are documented.
  • Real time tracking, monitoring and reporting of outcomes.
  • Evidence based real time risk projection & management.
  • Reduced unnecessary denial.
  • Unlimited reporting.
  • Configurable product with granular security, flexibility between various State and Federal Healthcare Regulations, HIPPA, HL7, 21CFR part 11.
  • Architect product such that end users can use eventually from kiosks and Doctors from iPads.
  • Integration with other EHR and 3rd party systems.
  • Digital Billing and claims processing and integration with Payer systems.
  • Next Generation of Bill Review, Case Management, UR, IMR, ICD-10.

Security & HIPAA

Privacy and Security of your data is our top most priority. All data in transit is secured using TLS connection using SHA256 hash algorithm and RSA 2048 bits public key. Application level is encrypting is done to protect sensitive information at rest. Any data access is controlled by granular roles and permissions to make sure that only authorized used access the data. Also any access to data is fully audited in the system.

  • Secure during transit
  • Secure data at rest
  • Role based access
  • Auditing

Cloud-Based Architecture

Our secure cloud based solution enables high availability to the application any time and from any device. We provide rapid elasticity to easily scale, accommodate and respond to a rapid increase in users. Upgrades to the system can be applied without any downtime and ensure that new feature sets are continuously delivered.

  • High Availability
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Continuous upgrades and delivery

Form Builder

No two businesses are the same and there is always a needs to capture more and different data. Our platform is flexible enough to allow a given business to configure specific forms to capture data using our Form Builder. We support 60+ form fields which range from simple text fields to complex analytics fields. We support nesting for forms and multiple layouts allowing a business to create a simple to complex forms per needs.

Rules Engine

Our rules engine empowers end users to create/define business specific rules and execute the same at runtime. These rules can be used to assess risk profile, generate alerts and create custom queues.

Workflow Engine

Our platform has a robust workflow engine to perform business work. These workflows can be customized for a specific customer and a given customer can have many workflows. Workflow supports multiple nested steps and steps are associated with Forms to capture data. There is security on every level – Workflow, Step, Form and Fields. The steps can be orders depending on roles. Various actions inside the workflow can trigger events and event handlers can generate alerts, notification, emails, calls, SMS or cause update of same or different workflows.

Document Management Platform

Xybion document management system is secure cloud based DMS with workflow attached to it. This is an ideal solution to track, manage and store document and reduce paper. Automatic version of each document allows us to keep track of entire history about the document. Document sharing feature allows you to collaborate with multiple users in your organization.

  • Versioning
  • Sharing
  • Secure cloud based
  • Accessible on the go on any device
  • Attached with workflow management

Query Builder

Query builder provides ability to create simple and complex queries on the workflow data. Business user does not need to know any SQL/NOSQL. Query interface hides all complexities around creating the queries.

Notification System

Notification system allows to build custom notifications on different events in the system. Email template builder makes it easy to create visually appealing templates for email based notifications. Similarly templates for SMS and phone calls are configurable in system.

Reporting and Analytics Engine

Reporting and Analytics engine is key component to help visualize data in the system. These help transform data into meaningful information tailored to your specific needs.