Occupational Health, Safety, Incident, Investigation and Industrial Hygiene Management

Emidence XD - Workplace Health & Safety Platform

H&S Incident/Case Management

Incident Management

The XD-EHSTM Incident Management module delivers a comprehensive set of features that manages and controls many different types of incidences from their identification through final disposition, tracking and reporting.  The incident workflow is included as part of the out-of-the-box XD-EHSTM solution.  The incident process includes a supervisor review and also allows for the creation of injury/illness records from the incident, copying critical data from the incident to the injury.  In addition, the ability to conduct an investigation(s) (see below), perform a risk assessment (see below), provide claim information, identify position/treatment of the incident and ability to launch corrective/preventive actions is present in the workflow. Escalation notifications and flags of overdue tasks, filtered searches of records and configurable reports ensure that incidents are easily tracked and monitored throughout their life cycle.

Users are able to upload attachments and files to support any stage of the incident process.  A communications log tracks the history of various types of communications on the incident. Customized Dashboards allow management and tracking of incidents . Example of an Executive Dashboard:

Incidents By Types and by Location

Event/Incident Log

The event/incident log provides non-users, anonymous personnel, and even XD users a rapid and streamlined way to log the initial incident information and submit the form via the web, automatically triggering notifications and tasks to the appropriate departments for review and triage of the incidents.

Workers’ Comp. Case Management

The XD-EHSTM Case Management Module is a  single place to monitor the employee’s status and  progress  from the initial injury through the return to work.  It can be launched from the injury but  also supports stand-alone cases.  It provides the  following capability:

  • Case Details Capture, Dashboard, and flexible searches and reports
  • Appointment details – rollup from the Health Services Solution (opt)
  • Visit Details – rollup from the Health Services  Solution (opt)
  • Claim details – ability to link to  claims and  capture claim details
  • Return to Work – Tracking of the transitions, documentation and releases to RTW
  • Claim form document status and document uploads
  • Communication – record the various communications between parties regarding the case
  • Case Notes – chronological capture of notes and uploaded support attachments
  • Notification Log –  historical log of notifications sent from the system on  the  case

Industrial Hygiene


The XD-EHSTM Industrial Hygiene module incorporates a robust feature set that empowers your team to plan, prepare, and execute IH sampling and accomplish day-to-day operational tasks needed to proactively ensure continuing compliance with organizational and regulatory mandates.  The sampling plans allow the user to define:

  • Sampling Plan – sampling metadata and logistics
  • Sampling Parameters – flexible way to define the sampling parameters that will be tested
  • Control limits – Regulatory limits  for  the associated parameters
  • Product/reagents
  • Sample Monitoring -the number of sampling sites can be identified and samples automatically created for the logging of the sampling results.

Industrial Hygiene Exposures

Similar Exposure  Groups can be established in the system grouping by  some or all of these characteristics:

  • Process
  • Process Task
  • Controls
  • Agent

The affected workers can be linked to one or more SEG and a qualitative assessment can be conducted to ensure the SEG are appropriately grouped.  Quantitative assessments can also be configured based on the organization’s criteria.  XD utilizes its ability to run algorithms in the background to determine compliance and set scores.

Safety Investigations/Audit & Inspections

Inspection & Audit

The XD-EHSTM Inspection module incorporates a robust feature set that empowers your team to plan, prepare, and execute inspections and accomplish day-to-day operational tasks needed to proactively ensure continuing compliance with company, customer and regulatory mandates.  Includes a role-based security model that provides easy access to all information relevant to each inspection, while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized use.  Checklists can be configured and three out-of-the-box checklists are included:

  • Workplace Checklist
  • Laboratory Safety Checklist
  • PPE Checklist

Auto inspection report generation and notes capabilities provide managers mechanisms to easily identify and communicate issues throughout the process.   The embedded findings module allows the  inspector to record observations  or  findings for  each inspection.


Classify and Log findings with the XD-EHSTM Findings module.  Inspection issues can be logged and categorized (observations, findings, improvements, etc.) so that the organization can monitor trends and implement and track corrective actions as necessary. The findings include:

  • Integrated with Inspection and Investigation Modules
  • Implicated parties can also provide their responses to  the suggested findings
  • Lifecycle statuses, search and reports

Asset Management

The Asset Management module allows the identification and tracking of all of the company’s assets, including stationary assets and circulating assets, including equipment, instruments and personal protective equipment (PPE).  It includes:

  • Integrated with the JOB ROLE to provide the list of required PPE per job  role
  • Integrated with the PERSON to show distributed PPE

System Records

Report Mapping – XD supports the capability to drop in report templates in Word and excel with mapping to the fields in order to generate reports in other modules.  In addition, the Interfaces capability allows the system to establish interfaces with other external systems for the push and pull of data.

XD-EHS Core Platform

The XD-EHSTM Foundation incorporates the Administration Core (system options, security, user/group, audit trail), Support Core (other out of the box modules such as PEOPLE, ORGANIZATIONS, LOCATIONS, JOB ROLES, the Task Management Core (workload, Dashboards, out-of-office, notifications, calendar), the Search/Report Core (panels for advanced and quick searches, producing reports, and query builder) and Workflow Core.

The various XD-EHS modules are built upon the Business Process Management capabilities to deliver automated workflow and task management, notifications and powerful searches and reports to users.

The query builder is a powerful, configurable query engine that support cross workflow metadata searches, conditional filters and pick and choose which fields to include in the results.   The security allows the query to be shared with the appropriate groups in the various dashboards and reuse at a field level to select values with precision.

The Workflow Core allows the creation of new workflows with custom forms and fields in order to automate compliance and business processes.  It also means that out-of-the-box modules can be easily “tweaked” for enterprise adoption.  The Workflow Core provides capabilities to configure list data, create new fields, set traceability and e-signature rules and design the workflows with business rules and layout options suited for all types of users. With over 80 types of fields supported, including image map, tables, RTF and dictation types; the capability for field level permissions; and the ability for dynamic form adjustment, the workflows promote efficiency and accuracy.

Integration Framework

Active Directory Integration, E-mail integration, website integration. Both push and pull allowed the targeted master system to retain control over its data.

Document Management

The XD-EHS Document Management System (DMS) is a secure web-based system that offers full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow based document review, approvals and distributions; full text searches and notifications.

  • Electronic Content Management for version control, security, centralized search and history

Multiple views (structures) of the files in the ECM structure. Metadata to tag and perform auto-filing. Supports Document workflows

Skill and  Training Record Management

The skill/competency and training record management solution is a web-based solution that allows organizations to comply with current training regulations by identifying all the required skills and needed training per each job role.  Manage, track and report against online training, offline training, classroom training sessions and all other training activities.  Provides online examinations and extensive management reporting for easy assessment of an individual’s performance and the evaluation of overall training effectiveness.

  • Training Activities –  create tasks to take /complete training
  • Training Records – One place to view all training acquired  by person
  • Job Role/Training Matrix – required training automatically assigned once user added to role
  • Skills – skills acquired by training
  • Courses – courses given in order  to acquire training