Workplace Health, Safety, Incident, Investigation And Industrial Hygiene Management

Emidence XD

Safety Management Made Simple

Say goodbye to paper-based safety management processes. Emidence XD helps employers minimize risks and manage compliance to create safer workplaces. With Emidence XD, you can manage incidents, workers’ compensation cases, industrial hygiene, safety investigations, and audits in a single system.

Whether you have a single location or multiple locations around the globe, Emidence XD will help you manage safety compliance and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Health & Safety Incident and Case Management Module

Manages incidents from initial identification through final disposition, tracking, and reporting.

The fully configurable incident workflow management allows you to:

  • Customize workflows, including supervisory reviews.
  • Create injury/illness records from the incident.
  • Copy critical data from the incident to the injury.
  • Conduct Investigation
  • Track all communications about the incident.
  • Perform risk assessments.
  • Identify position/treatment of the incident.
  • Launch corrective/preventive actions
  • Automatically send notifications, flag overdue tasks, and escalate tasks.
  • Upload attachments and files at any stage in the lifecycle
  • Easily search records, configure reports and track and monitor incidents throughout their lifecycle.
Case Management

Industrial Hygiene Module

Plan, prepare and execute industrial hygiene sampling and accomplish day-to-day operational tasks needed to proactively ensure compliance with organizational and regulatory mandates.

Easily define plans and protocols, including:

  • Sampling Plan: Sampling metadata and logistics
  • Control limits: Regulatory limits for the associated parameters
  • Product/reagents
  • Sample Monitoring: The number of sampling sites can be identified, and samples automatically created for the logging of the sampling results

Seamlessly manage industrial hygiene exposures:

  • Establish similar exposure groups (SEG) by grouping process, process task, controls, or agent characteristics.
  • Link affected workers to one or more SEG.
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative assessments to ensure SEGs are appropriately grouped.
  • Determine compliance and set scores.

Safety Investigations, Audits and Inspections Module

Plan, prepare and execute inspections and accomplish day-to-day operational tasks to proactively ensure compliance with company, customer, and regulatory requirements.

Emidence XD allows you to:

  • Classify and log inspection findings so the organization can monitor, implement and track corrective actions, as necessary.
  • Identify and track company assets, including stationary and circulating assets, such as equipment, instruments, and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Map fields to Word and Excel templates to generate reports in your desired format.
  • Interface with external systems to push or pull data, as well as with active directory, email systems, and websites.
  • Utilize a document management system that offers full versioning, flexible folder/file structure, workflow-based document review, approvals and distributions, and full-text searches and notifications.
  • Manage skills and training records, provide online examinations and report on employee performance.

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