Network Management and Credentialing

Enhanced Network Management Application to Connect, Integrate & Manage Pre- & Post-Network Processes

Xybion’s Network Management platform enables organizations to customize their provider network to support national, regional, and custom specialty network solutions.

  • Meet quality, compliance and operational excellence in managed care operations.
  • Manage and track contracting documents with providers.
  • Seamlessly integrate with medical bill review platforms, claims systems, and other provider directories.
  • Manages credentialing by digitally verifying from the relevant government sites.
  • Understand expiry dates and any issues registered on the state government sites
  • Maintains a full audit trail of contract rates.
  • Enables contract rate negotiations based on state regulations with fee schedule and usual and customary application overlay.

Simplified Process for onboarding and digital verification of credentials

EmidenceTM Credentialing allows networks to carry our the entire process of credentialing on a single platform and stores all verification evidence from various Government and Agency sites into a single database.


Verification log can have a snapshot of the from on the official website and also have it in a digital format which can set set up to trigger notifications about expiry dates or any any changes in the status of the credentialed professional.



  • Ensures data integrity throughout the organization
  • Converges people and technology
  • Seamless integration with multiple platforms

Key Features of Emidence Provider Network Management:

  • Access to data anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Enables self-service reporting abilities
  • Provides automated data maintenance
  • Data monitoring from a centralized location.
  • Improves efficiencies, accuracy and controls
  • Automated provider data collection