Medical Billing Software

Emidence XD

Our medical billing software module is a comprehensive set of resources that streamlines the billing workflow and the cumbersome billing process.

  • ICD – 10 diagnosis and procedure codes auto-generated from the EHR and applied to each encounter.
  • No data entry and specialized outside billing services are needed.
  • All patient case report and supporting evidence auto-generated and digitally attached.
  • Fee Schedule comparison before sending the bill allows knowing exactly what the payor is likely to pay.
  • Better financial planning.
  • Cash and Credit card-based payment options built-in the practice management platform.
Medical Billing Software

Key Benefits:

  • Bill immediately available in the Payor’s Bill review system.
  • Faster receipt of payments for the providers.
  • Significant cost reduction by avoiding manual coding and billing.
  • System-wide savings improvements while minimizing turnaround.
  • Establish and maintain consistency throughout the review process.
  • Identification of over-utilization and unnecessary care.
  • Data integrity and quality assurance.
  • Digital Case report minimizes Payor’s Case Mgmt and UR costs.
  • Avoids improper medical billing and ensures timely payments.

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