Industrial Hygiene

Emidence XD

Industrial Hygiene Management Software

Help Your Employees Stay Safe and Healthy from Occupational Hazards with informed decision making through Xybion’s Emidence XD. Managing the Industrial Hygiene data with time-consuming paper-based solutions is challenging for Industrial Hygienists due to lack of real-time data access.

Emidence XD, Xybion Workplace Health Safety and Quality System, helps Hygienists and the Health & Safety professionals make informed decisions on employee safety with access to the real-time data from multiple sources. By using Xybion’s Emidence XD, Hygienists can capture and consolidate the Hygiene data from multiple sites and equipment, which, in turn, helps them perform and manage assessments for Noise Exposure, Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Molds, Chemical Exposure and other Occupational Hazards.

Multiple Site-specific reports can be aggregated for a single organization within the same system, reducing information overload and centralized data availability. Moreover, the single database allows Health & Safety professionals to identify the potential hazards/risks by assessing compliance of existing data through ready-to-access real-time data.

Emidence XD software is certified by industrial hygienists, and we empower organizations by providing safety training through online and instructor-led training.

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