Incident & Injury Management

Injury management is an integrated and organized process, which supports an injured worker to return to normalcy with timely treatment and faster injury claim processes. Xybion’s cloud-based solution for health & safety, Emidence™ XD can help streamline the employers’ injury management operations and can bridge the collaboration gaps by integrating all the stakeholders on a single platform.

The low-code platform enables merging multiple processes of workers’ comp management through a unified operational integration framework and a highly configurable engine. Specifically, it simplifies the extremely complicated and fluid injury management process through automated, compliance-embedded workflows.

 Xybion’s Emidence

XD helps organizations address their injury claim management challenges with confidence through its robust and unique features.

An incident report is a document version of the complete scenario of an injury, where an incident manager collects and reports the information on multiple incidents, such as Near Misses, Vehicle Accidents, Slip-Trip-Fall Cases, and workplace assault cases. The case managers use it as a blueprint to adjudge the authenticity of an injury claim.

Xybion’s Injury management solution helps the employers to follow regulatory procedures and timelines by State and Federal and enables to capture a comprehensive report of an injury claim.

Xybion’s Emidence-XD simplifies the complex Incident Reporting by:

  • Collecting employee work details and previous injury claim details through integration of claim workflows with HR database of an employer.
  • Capturing the location of an injury or claim and witness details from patient intake through Xybion’s claims management module.
  • Capturing cause and environmental factors behind an incident and by allowing case managers to compare these factors with company’s occupational health policies from employer internal database.
  • Retrieving a detailed medical exam report of an injured employee from Xybion’s patient portal
  • Tracking providers’ routine practices using SOAP algorithm. By integrating with the providers’ module, employers can capture an accurate clinic visit report of an injured employee.
  • Providing first-action post incident

The comprehensive incident report generated by Xybion’s injury management module allows occupational health professionals to develop an effective a return-to-work strategy, which, in turn, will help reduce claim costs through streamlined processes and reduces injury leave extensions.

The digital platform allows users to connect with occupational health providers and PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), enabling effective and timely treatment to employees from workplace injury treatment experts.

The right treatment from authorized providers helps employees in early return-to-work, thus reducing extended injury claim costs to employers.

An effective incident reporting of Xybion’s Injury Management module helps employers to collaborate with insurance payors in settling their critical injury claims through integrated and compliance-embedded workflows. Here, the integration with providers allow the insurers analyze the medical bills and the applicable State and Federal codes.

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