Employee Health Services

Employee  Immunizations

The Employee Immunizations module of the EHS solution allows organizations to effectively plan, instigate, and track the required immunizations for employees in compliance with standard protocols.   The immunization protocols allows the EHS coordinators to define immunization schedules with the various dosing regimens that are acceptable. These protocols can be modified over time to ensure they are up-to-date.  The integration with the job role allows the appropriate protocols to be assigned to the job roles.  Based on employees’ job role assignments, the required immunizations are automatically updated.  With the embedded appointment modules, the immunizations can be scheduled.

The administration of the immunizations can likewise be tracked within the system, collecting all the necessary metadata about the time, route, dosage, provider and more.  The historical immunization record is kept on each person’s record but is also rolled up into an immunization dashboard to provide rapid search and reports.

The automated compliance report/alert provides a current snapshot of any compliance gaps in the immunizations (i.e., required vs. received) rolled up for the organization to ensure improved transparency and rapid response.

  • Immunization Protocols
  • Dose Definitions
  • Employee Immunization Records
  • Create appointment for an individual activity
  • Job role requirements – auto assign to person
  • Organization immunization compliance reports
TB Diagnosis

The TB Diagnosis Module allows the organization to identify and deliver the correct TB screening and testing for their employees. It offers the ability to conduct screening of employees via a questionnaire and assign the appropriate follow-up tests, including:

  • Turberculin skin test
  • Blood test
  • Chest X-ray/Sputum

The test results can be logged with attachments and capture the electronic sign-off by the provider.

Employee Medical Screening and Monitoring

Each employee may use or have been issued health devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) that are required for their safe functioning at their job posts.  As part of the EHS, XD allows organizations to  plan and record monitoring test results for:

  • Respirator fit
  • Hearing  Aid

The results include information about the calibration of the equipment used to conduct the testing.

 Health Care

Employee Health Care Management

With the Health Care Module, organizations are able to comprehensively monitor and manage the employee’s health, especially as it relates to onsite required work performance and returning to work after a lost-time incident.  Organizations can use the HC Management module in conjunction with the EHS module to onboard their staff with the appropriate medical screenings, tests and immunizations.  This seamless solution offers:

  • Appointments – creation of appointments with full color coded calendar scheduling based on HC Professional’s availabilities.
  • Visits (see below) – ability to roll the appointments into visits with a comprehensive intake to release capability.
  • Record Results – The results of the visits are integrated with the various modules of XD to ensure the right data is shown at the right place.
  • Clinic and HC Professionals – the system is able to identify the providers of the services and link to their contact information.
Visit Management

The Visit Management provides a one-stop, intuitive drill-down entry for health care professionals to record data from the initial intake of the person to the diagnoses to the diagnoses and referrals.  The system includes dynamic forms and rapid entry checkboxes to streamline data entry.  The XD system, with its robust integration framework and developed tool sets, also allows for the importing of data to populate the visit management in the case that the employee was seen at an outside clinic.  The Visit Management allows professionals to collect:

  • Health Information
    • Allergies
    • Medical and Social  history
    • Health  Status
    • Specific status (ENT, Muscolosketal, etc.)
  • Specific Tests and Screenings
    • Multiple Medical screenings
    • Respiratory Screenings
    • Functional  Capacity Evaluation (for RTW)
    • PPE type screenings
  • Medical Assessments/Diagnoses
    • Using “Favorite”, ICD Diagnoses and custom searches with common codes
  • Work Status
    • Assessment and Workup for Return to Work cases
  • Order Tests/Diagnostics
  • Procedures/Actions with common list/codes
  • Order Referrals
  • Lab Results
  • Immunizations
Streamlined Compliance

In addition to the flexible sampling plan, XD provides out-of-the-box streamlined monitoring forms for the following:

  • Environment Monitoring
    • Ethylene Oxide Area Monitoring
    • CO Indoor air quality
    • SO2 Indoor air quality
  • Employee Monitoring
    • Hearing Fit Testing
    • Respirator Fit Testing

More forms can be added during the implementation.


Risk Assessment

The XD-EHSTM Risk Management Capability allows risk assessment to be virtually plugged into any work flow to assess the inherent and residual risk associated with the particular incident/hazard.  The risk assessment workflow provides a color coded risk heat map.  Risks can be used to determine and drive the inspection program within the organization to ensure that the most exposed areas of the organization are being closely monitored and mitigative actions are taken when necessary.  This powerful module can also be used to proactively assess job hazards as well as environmental impacts.


Asset Management

The Asset Management module allows the identification and tracking of all of the company’s assets, including stationary assets and circulating assets, including equipment, instruments and personal protective equipment (PPE).  It includes:

  • Inventory Management – tracking and monitoring  of  PPE and inventory distribution
  • Instrument/Equipment Management – tracking of instruments/equipment to associate with records
  • Item Master – templates that  can  be used  for  “like” equipment to reduce user inputs
  • Integrated with the JOB ROLE to  provide the list of required PPE per job  role
  • Integrated with  the PERSON to show distributed PPE