Exigency Response Tool (ERT)

Emidence XD

Enabling Safer Workplace through Real-time Reporting, Tracking, and Monitoring Employee Interactions

Emidence XD-ERT is a mobile app that can be deployed and used right from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop. It is anchored by Emidence XD, Xybion’s Total Employee Environment, Health, and Safety cloud application. Our Total Mobile App and Enterprise cloud enables Health, and Safety Leaders in companies to easily manage Clean and Safe interactions through the growing COVID-19 pandemic in one simple to use application.

Why Implement Emidence XD-ERT Now?

Integrated with internal and external systems, Emidence XD provides you with evidence-based guidelines to promote recovery and reduce costs. Software features include:

  • Gather and record all known employee cases of COVID-19 with self-reporting feature.
  • Track infected employee health status by disease state.
  • Trace and track all contacts made by the infected person and Notify affected individuals and customers
  • Create and Manage Cases through testing, treatments, and return-to-work.
  • Manage Workers’ Comp. and Claims process for work-related cases.
  • Determine staffing needs and potential staff scheduling gaps.

Ready To Implement Modules:

  • Employee on-demand self-reporting via their Mobile devices
  • Command Center and Case Managers Workbench for managing the entire lifecycle from possible exposure through testing, care, recovery, and return to work and workers’ comp. case and claims management.
  • Executive Dashboards for oversight on all cases by stage, by locations, and by contacts made for each case and each customer.
  • Workers’ compensation and claims management.