Electronic Health Record (EHR)

A complete, evidence based EHR that works the way you work

The Emidence XD electronic health records software (EHR) has been designed to manage all aspects of your musculoskeletal wellness practice. Whether a single location, or a large, multi-location practice, Emidence XD provides an intuitive, powerful and fully compliant platform to manage all aspects of your health practice, including:

  • Simple charting
  • Electronic billing
  • 500+ clinical, ortho, sensory exams
  • ICD-10 coding
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Scheduling and appointment reminders (SMS and phone calls)
  • Charge capture
  • Auto-generated SOAP Notes, patient summaries and 100+ reports
  • An Evidence and Outcome-Based Platform

    Our EHR software optimizes the interaction between patient and providers. Using direct integration with ACOEM, ICD-10 and other best practices, the system is designed to optimize the diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes in accordance with industry standards and markets such as workers’ comp. This ensures a more streamlined claims submission and payment process.

    Patient-centered encounters

    Patients begin interaction with a pre-visit assessment, available online via a patient portal.  If patients elect to not use the portal, an in-clinic assessment may be completed on an electronic device.  The patient is guided through the process to provide the information necessary for assessment, treatment plans and billing information.


    Documenting health records is easy and intuitive in Emidence XD. Patient record provides a clear history and plan for treatment and allows for ordering of tests, referrals and ongoing care plans right from the patient record.

    Scheduling & Patient Communication

    We provide a comprehensive scheduling and patient communication solution as part of our EHR Software platform. From scheduling small to large, multidisciplinary practices, the scheduling tools are simple to use yet powerful enough to handle a wide range of scheduling needs. Integrated SMS and telephony facilitate patient reminders and post-visit care communications, keep your practice engaged with your patients.

    Patient registration and portal access

    Our EHR (Electronic Health records software) platform streamlines the patient registration and intake process by providing a digital access point for patients via our portal. Patients may complete all pre-visit forms either online or via iPad while in the waiting room thus speeding up the process of moving patients through the tedious registration and intake process.

    Key Features include:

    • Available in web portal for self registration
    • Configurable to support Workers’ Compensation cases (Union, Attorney, Job details)
    • Configurable to support Wellness, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Practices
    • Self guided for easy of use and accuracy in information capture
    • Captures all bio-psycho-social information
    • Intake process includes guided body-part and symptom checker to support evidence-based capture of clinical information
    • Intake process available for both patient portal and multi-device deployment in clinic

    Patient Consultation

    Xybion Health complements the way you work as a physician by providing an intuitive, easy to use and learn patient consultation navigator designed to capture all of the important and evidence-based clinical information.  Configurable for workers’ compensation cases and general wellness, chiropractic and physical therapy, the system will not slow you down and ensure the right information is captured to justify claims payment.

    Key Features include:

    • Complete medical history
    • Bio-psychosocial considerations
    • Outcome tracking
    • Work and quality of life information for workers’ comp cases

    Additional Features

    State Forms Compliance

    • Every state’s workers’ compensation health forms are embedded in the system. You do not have to leave the app to manually complete the form.


    • Over 500 pre-built exam categories, including range of motion, grip/pinch, red flags, trigger points, observation/inspection, palpation, clinical/ortho, neurological, motor, sensory, etc. Each of these categories are further arranged anatomically, such as cervical, thoracic, lumbar, etc. View previous exam results by simply clicking a button. Make documentation easier and faster by attaching exam results to the patient record.

    Documentation & Charting

    • Built by medical professionals for medical professionals, Emidence XD is designed to chart and document the way a physician works naturally. With minimal keystrokes required, the system walks you through the logical steps of an exam and reduces redundant, tedious work. You can access charts on virtually any device from our cloud-based platform that requires no software or hardware installation.
    • We make ICD-10 simple. Search for codes using natural language search functions and be certain the correct codes are being used, reducing UR’s and claim denials.
    • Track patient progress over time. Quickly view reports that show progress and health trends for your patients over time. Quickly identify gaps in treatment/care and leverage the integrated SMS capabilities to communicate with your patients in between visits.

    Test Ordering

    • Submit electronic test orders right from your patient’s chart with a workflow that’s simpler than paper. Structured results will populate directly into your notes for easy review and comparison.


    • 100% evidence-based, the exams module makes it easy for providers to accurately document SOAP notes and treatment plans in accordance with ICD-10 and CPT to ensure accurate coding and compliance. This results in a lower incidence of claim rejections and inaccurate revenue forecasting.

    Digital Billing

    • Includes ICD – 10 diagnosis and procedure codes that can be auto generated and applied to each encounter. No data entry and specialized billing services are needed, which makes it faster to complete billing compared to conventional methods.

    Bill Review Integration

    • Bills can be directly sent from EHR to bill review without requiring any additional costs. It also optimizes and integrates the workflow processes with the core functions of claims management software.

    We provide over 16 industry standard questionnaire integrated with automatic calculation of scores:

    Neck Disability Index

    Headache Disability Index

    CES-D Questionnaire

    ZUNG Questionnaire

    Yellow Flags

    Lower Extremity Functional Scale

    Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire

    Upper Extremity Functional Scale

    Roland Morris Lower Back Questionnaire


    CTS Questionnaire

    Epworth Sleepiness Scale

    BQ Low back

    BQ Cervical

    QS Westry Questionnaire

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