Case Management

Emidence XD

Support Injured Employees and Manage Costs with
Effective Case Management

Regardless of the size of your business, workplace injuries will impact your operation. Injuries can place a strain on productivity and increase costs. While the prolonged absenteeism of injured workers disrupts the revenues of employers, it can also lower the self-esteem of injured workers. Thus, an effective return-to-work (RTW) program can put employers and workers in a win-win situation by reintegrating injured workers into the workplace as soon as they are medically able.

The Emidence XD case management module integrates across platforms and stakeholders to support case managers.

From the initial incident report to claim closure, Emidence XD promotes full recovery and return-to-work objectives.

“For a successful return-to-work management, organizations must adopt the right structure, plan, and execution with a proven case management system. While the workers’ comp industry is flooded with multiple case management software solutions, employers need a one-size-fit-for-all solution, which can connect workers, employers, providers, and payors on a single platform.”
- Pradip Banerjee, Ph.D.
CEO, Xybion

Tools to manage and track incidents and cases in a cost-efficient way.

Integrated with internal and external systems, Emidence XD provides you with evidence-based guidelines to promote recovery and reduce costs. Software features include:

  • Integrated digital platform configured to your business.
  • Guided questionnaires to capture relevant details of incidences and capture biopsychosocial information.
  • Ability to report and manage incidents by category, seamlessly transferring data to OSHA forms.
  • Configurable workflows between HR and supervisors
  • Ability to coordinate care between providers.
  • Focus on return-to-work functions.
  • Performance and management assessments of occupational hazards
  • The total company, region, or site-specific reports


Integrated Database with Real-Time Access

Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud for employers integrates with their respective HR Databases to collect the incident/injury details, such as the location of the injury, witness available, and the cause and environmental factors.

Here, Xybion’s digital platform allows case managers to access the data in real-time to create the first action-post-incident report using Bio-Psycho-Social information of employees. This report will also help Payors analyze the validity of the claim.

Automated Rules Engine for Case Assignment and Routing

Using multiple modules of Emidence-XD, the automated rules engine helps streamline the case management workflows, such as incident reporting, patient-intake during the clinic visit, diagnosis reports, and injury claim reports.

Additionally, by capturing the bio-psycho-social information of an injured employee, Xybion’s digital platform mitigates the workload of case managers, where the information is used to consolidate, track, verify, and generate return-to-work reports in adherence to State and Federal rules.

Reduce Medical Costs via Evidence-Based Care Path

Xybion’s evidence-based care platform improves efficiencies, accuracies, and controls of a workers’ comp system by integrating disparate systems, such as claim management, absent/leave management, and care management systems through configurable workflows.

The case managers can analyze the injured employee’s fitness level by comparing incident reports and the diagnosis report of providers. Further, the report can be discussed with the employee and the providers. This process can help the employee in early return-to-work.

Real-time Access to Prior Authorizations (RFA)

Xybion’s digital platform for Case Management provides a complete digital process for prior authorization between the provider and the payor, where the system generates compliant Requests for prior Authorization (RFA) in line with various State guidelines.

Additionally, Xybion captures evidence based (ACOEM, MTUS, and other State Guidelines) information.

Electronic Case Notes

The automated workflows allow case managers to avoid tedious data entries by capturing all the reports in electronic format with secured e-signatures. In addition, the case managers can reduce data errors by auto-populating patient and providers’ electronic data by integrating the claim management system with the patient portal of Xybion.

Other features

  • Provider assignment
  • Improve return to work outcomes.
  • 100% web-based, SaaS platform, mobile-friendly
  • Improves workforce productivity.
  • Reduces claim costs with reduced absent workdays.
  • Reduces disability claims.
  • Mitigates work performance issues.

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