Individualized Care Platform

Emidence Individualized Care Platform (ICP) improves efficiencies, accuracies and controls by arming your entire team with the right information, at the right time, and in the right format.

 The Problem – “Inability to see the forest for the trees”

 Xybion’s Solution: Emidence -ICP

ICP’s role-driven permissions and easily configurable workflows allows unparalleled flexibility. Even the most distinct and proprietary business processes can be easily streamlined. ICP takes original data from disparate sources, displays it in intelligent workflows which alleviates manual workarounds.

Moreover, backed by the strength of other unique services offered through Emidence from Xybion, all participants along the claims and care management continuum can now benefit in real-time from Evidence and Cloud-based services that tie the entire claims, leave and care management process together.


Whether your firm operates in the care delivery, benefits, workers’ compensation or third-party claims arena, business processes that enhance the return-to-productivity and/or the accurate evaluation of specials can be significant. Add onto that tangible savings garnered in the service delivery process and total ROI will be even greater. Take for instance estimates associated with managing correspondence, if at the low-end costs for managing a single piece of correspondence is $20, and even more if that document is misfiled, just imagine what total costs are when you consider today’s environment where video and audio recordings, pictures, medically related film and a host of other media are commonplace.

 Conservative Savings Estimates from Emidence ICP

Number of Claims and Care Management Professionals 1200
Days Worked Per Month (8 hr. Day) 22
Average Salary $48,000 or 38 cents per minute
Annual Savings 5778432
10% Savings in Efficiencies 48 minutes per employee per day

If a care management firm with 1,200 professionals managing care reduced delivery costs by a mere 48 minutes a day, savings monthly would be almost $500,000. This figure does not even contemplate the impact streamlined workflows have on outcomes.

Given the extremely conservative saving estimates, why not contact Xybion today so that we can all get back to managing care as opposed to just the process.