Enterprise Document Management System

Cloud-Based Digital Platform for Managing Enterprise Content

ECM XD Modules and Components

Document Management System

The ECM XD is a secure web-based system that offers out-of-the-box compliance without customization. ECM XD provides full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow-based collaborative document review, approvals, and distributions; full-text searches and notifications. It allows drag and drop and with the integration with the workflow engine, the user can drop a file into a field on a workflow and it can be auto-filed in the folder structure.

Document Change Control

Our innovative solution simplifies and enhances the entire document life-cycle, from initial request to publishing. With ECM XD, you can effortlessly manage and track changes, ensuring smooth and reliable document control. Our configurable system allows you to optimize your document control processes, improve collaboration, and achieve greater efficiency. 

Competency Management

The skill/competency and training record management solution is a web-based solution that allows organizations to comply with current training regulations by identifying all the required skills and training for each job role. Manage, track, and report against online training, offline training, classroom training sessions, and all other training activities. Provides online examinations and extensive management reporting for easy assessment of an individual’s performance and the evaluation of overall training effectiveness.

By utilizing our skill/competency and training record management solution, organizations can enhance their training programs’ efficiency, save valuable time and resources, and ensure compliance with training regulations.

Document Types

ECM XD is a comprehensive enterprise content management system designed to effectively handle and organize various types of documents. It offers a robust set of features and functionalities to manage documents throughout their lifecycle. It supports a wide range of document formats including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, multimedia files, etc.

PDF Importer and Annotation Services Module

Our PDF Annotation Module is a cutting-edge solution to streamline document management processes. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly scan and annotate PDF documents while capturing essential metadata for categorization and organization. This module serves as a valuable asset for various industries, including research, education, legal, and more. By seamlessly scanning, annotating, and collecting relevant metadata, you can enhance your document management processes significantly. Distribute these annotated documents effortlessly via email, facilitating collaboration and boosting productivity. 

External Systems Integration

The core platform offers a range of robust features designed to enhance integration with external systems, maximizing the value of your company’s IT investments. With the support of Xybion’s skilled professional services team, these powerful and time-saving capabilities can be seamlessly enabled. The platform supports various integration options, including Active Directory Integration, E-mail integration, website integration, as well as external system and database integration. Whether you need to push or pull data from external sources, the platform accommodates both synchronized scheduling and real-time integration, ensuring efficient and up-to-date data exchange.

Document Metadata

The document properties offer a wide array of preconfigured metadata options, effortlessly adaptable to accommodate custom fields based on client specifications. Additionally, these documents demonstrate intelligent associations with relevant locations and dynamic interlinking capabilities, connecting with other interrelated documents.

Contract/Template Compliance – Predictive Compliance Capabilities

Xybion’s predictive compliance modules, integrated within the ECM XD solution, empower organizations by providing a robust platform to upload documents and seamlessly route them through a streamlined process. This intelligent system analyzes the content and structure of the documents, comparing them against approved company business rules and templates.

With this enhanced capability, the solution automatically identifies deviations from approved templates, ensuring compliance and consistency throughout the organization. By automating this critical aspect of document management, ECM XD helps mitigate compliance risks and promotes adherence to regulatory standards. By leveraging this analytical capability, businesses can identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for process improvement, ultimately driving better decision-making and resource allocation.

Document Files and Taxonomy – Folder Structure

The implementation of intelligent content metadata tagging enables automatic filing within the content structure, along with the ability to perform full-text searches and utilize smart views. This empowers customers to swiftly locate documents.

Our ECM XD system offers multiple views (structures) for organizing files, accommodating diverse needs. It facilitates document workflows as well as integrated training workflows, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

While our system allows for a hierarchical folder structure to file documents, organizations that prefer alternative approaches are not obligated to use folders. This flexibility ensures that each organization can adopt a structure that best suits its requirements.

Integration and Indexing with Third Party Sources

The indexing module empowers the company to seamlessly upload documents from external sources, efficiently index and process them in accordance with predefined rules, and seamlessly integrate them into a streamlined workflow process. Additionally, it facilitates the smooth transfer of valuable data back to the respective third-party sources.

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Key Features of ECM XD

Built-In Regulatory Controls

ECM XD is a robust enterprise content management solution specifically tailored for regulated industries. It incorporates a range of built-in regulatory controls to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, standards, and best practices. It enables organizations to establish and enforce policies and procedures for content creation, storage, access, retention, and disposal. Furthermore, ECM XD provides consistency, accuracy, and security in content handling, enabling organizations to mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Manage Training Activities

The training module of ECM XD empowers the creation of workflows for training activities, on-the-job (OTJ) exercises, and competency-centric tasks, thereby facilitating the tracking of acquired training at individual and group levels. This feature further promotes role-specific training and proactively identifies existing learning gaps. Additionally, it streamlines the administration of tests and quizzes.

Manage Training Processes

How ECM XD Can Help

Content Ecosystem Management

Manage your entire digital ecosystem by capturing structured and unstructured content, documents, and images.

Content Services Management

ECM XD seamlessly uploads, processes, and distributes content assets under prescribed rules.

ECM XD allows automated uploading of documents into the repository via Secure File Transfer Protocols, Scanning, and e-mail drop. Each document can be index with meta-tags and filed in the repository under the correct file structure and with the appropriate tags and security.

Value Chain Connectivity

The ECM XD integration framework establishes a secure environment, seamlessly connecting stakeholders and optimizing business processes for enhanced efficiency.