Digital Lab Management System Overview

Xybion’s Digital Lab Management System is a powerful, flexible Total BPM for managing everything in the labs. A single cloud for:

  • Business and Sponsor Management
  • Laboratory Operation and Test Execution
  • Complete Quality and Compliance

Traditional LIMS and ELN software have a very limited values in the new world of digital business. The lab setups need to be a lot more flexible and easier to adopt to new business needs. This may include changing lab workflow, processes, connecting with other systems and seamless communication with the external stakeholders. While the system needs to be flexible enough to changes, it needs to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and it ensures lab data integrity.

In order to properly manage laboratory business processes, most organizations deploy multiple systems to execute work and track operations, such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Electronic Data Capture Systems, Learning Management Systems, and others. Often these are not integrated and involve manual, paper-driven processes to maintain over time, costing the organization much in time and operational efficiency.

Xybion digital lab management solution breaks the tradition to create exponential values to lab businesses.

Labwise® XD Platform is built on a business process, or workflow, engine which allows the intelligent flow of tasks and forms for the end users so that the appropriate individuals will know the precise status of each of their required activities in the system. The planning and data entry are only one aspect of an end to end system.  Xybion Digital Lab ensures that the “end processes” are also effectively covered by robust search, report and data analysis capabilities.

Xybion Digital lab management solution with end-to-end processes, integrated systems, single interface with quality, compliance and training workflows creates a very happy lab workplace.

Over 50% manual lab processes to automate

Voice over technologies to eliminate manual data entry

On an average, 15 hrs of time saving per lab personnel per week

Your process- your way execution for all lab types– Research & scientific ,gene & cell research, Quality Control labs, Preclinical and clinical sample and bio specimen testing labs.

A centralized lab data lake to connect to and analyze data from various sources

Xybion Digital Lab Management Solution

Xybion Digital Lab Management solution helps create an integrated lab environment with all the functionalities of traditional LIMS and ELN where lab processes are automated, methods are managed electronically, instruments are connected, and results are generated digitally. Xybion’s lab informatics solution is a smart, powerful, flexible BPM for managing everything in the labs. A single cloud solution for Protocols, LIMS, ELNs, QMS, Content Management, Training and Customer Portal.

Through a configurable business process workflow engine, you can manage all aspects of your laboratory business operation from  receiving customer orders and samples through customer portal linked to your CRM system, to digitizing your actual laboratory test protocols and executions supported by digital QMS, DMS and GRC modules to creating final reports  and billing back too your customers.  As a Lab Data Management & Analysis Software, Xybion Digital Lab™ provides full lifecycle support for integrating critical, regulated workflow processes in a typical laboratory environment.  Xybion offers an out-of-the-box, pre-configured workflows designed to support specific laboratory types.  As a highly extensible platform, Xybion Digital Lab™ can also be configured to map to your custom laboratory needs, together with Xybion’s expert professional services team.

Xybion lab management solution is pre-configured for several lab business types. Xybion’s Clinical Laboratory Management solution automates paper-based clinical processes and helps maintain compliance throughout the quality processes. The LIS software for clinical labs captures and manages the critical clinical data through digital lab management system.

Common core for all of the above Digital Lab Management systems are digitized protocols, sample & specimen submission and receipt and personalized dashboards all built on Xybion’s intelligent BPM platform to bring all parts of the organization and processes. The “Standardization & Simplification” creates end-user happiness.

Now laboratories can have a single, unified, corporate-wide platform from which all its end-to-end laboratory, quality, compliance, and content management workflows along with digitized test methods/protocols are integrated with ERP and HR systems in a true digital cloud environment.