Stability Management

Provide Evidence of Quality Under Various Conditions

Stability studies include complex processes to test how long a product can maintain its original quality specifications under normal use conditions, as well as the study of product-related factors that influence the quality, such as the interaction of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with excipients, container-closure systems, and packaging materials.

The burden of proof is on the manufacturer to prove all claims are accurate, which includes proving the validity of data and producing documentation in real-time to satisfy auditors.

With Labwise XD, labs can manage stability studies digitally, reducing mistakes that occur with manual paper-based processes. The Labwise XD stability module features quality, compliance, and electronic lab notebook (ELN) functionality that creates a comprehensive solution for assuring compliance with regulatory guidelines globally.

With the Xybion Labwise XD Stability Module, you can maintain regulatory compliance and decrease your time to market.

With Labwise XD – Stability Management, you can:

Connect with development & manufacturing departments with a single interface.

Gain end-to-end visibility of sample movement.

Reduce data entry issues by more than 90%

Improve productivity by over 40%

Easily customize processes, as required by customers.

Improve quality & reduce non-conformances.

Manage training, competency & quality documentation in a single compliant environment.

Implement changes quickly with seamless digitized processes.

Labwise XD handles all types of statistical models ensuring an accurate shelf-life evaluation, including: 

  • Regression Analysis
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA tables)
  • Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA tables)
  • Data Pooling (P-Value)
  • Arrhenius Equations (regression and estimation models)

Stability Process Modules

  • Create Study: Includes product, batch, and storage conditions.
  • Create Test Lists: Includes desired storage conditions and time intervals.
  • Start Time: Specify a start time for each storage condition.
  • Storage: Print labels and store samples
  • Results: Enter results on Lab Work Order (LWR) forms
  • Work Order: Pull lab work order, activate the study, verify & approve the results.
  • Calendar: Run calendar and request sample pulls
  • Complete Study: View last approved LWR.
  • Report: Analyze and write stability report

Following are several screenshots of our Stability management module:

Study Sample set up and tracking:

Dashboard by location and Protocol ID:

Dashboard by the state of the study samples:

Other required solution components are built into the Labwise XD Platform

Most traditional stability systems either free-standing or part of other LIMS and ELN require additional IT systems or significant manual processes to ensure other important business aspects such as documentation, deviation management, CAPA, audits, and people competency. Xybion Lab Management Solution is one stop platform-based solution to provide the core and additional required solutions.

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