Research and Science Laboratory Management System

An All-In-One Solution for Managing Samples, Processes, Data, and Analysis

Managing an R&D laboratory requires an integrated, all-inclusive business process management (BPM) platform to support all workflows. That is why laboratories performing scientific research and development, clinical and preclinical study sample testing, analytical methods development and chemical development turn to Xybion.

Our Labwise XD modular platform includes out-of-the-box configurations to manage material, process and equipment flows and can be used to manage GMP and non-GMP compliant process flows. With Labwise XD, you can track equipment and control related activities such as calibration and preventative maintenance, allowing you to reduce operational risk and increase compliance. Automated reporting allows you to quickly track nonconformances such as out-of-specifications, by the unit operation, and supports the full lifecycle of scientific studies with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Labwise XD - Process

Labwise XD supports the entire laboratory ecosystem, including Test Methods, LIMS, ELNS, QMS, ECN, and Customer Portals

With Labwise XD – Research and Science Laboratory Management System, you can:

Automate reporting and document control for critical regulated files

Reduce enterprise risk & improve regulatory compliance

Reduce cost due to IT system consolidation

Streamline compliance monitoring and reporting

Enable business to processes & enhance efficiencies

Improve quality & reduce non-conformances

Manage training, competency & quality documentation in a single compliant environment

Improve visibility into key laboratory workflows & reduce cycle times

Consolidating systems onto a single platform – The Power of Labwise XD

To properly manage laboratory business processes, most organizations deploy multiple systems to execute work and track operations such as CAPAs, deviations, process flows, method development, materials, training records, and more. Functions are often covered by five or more software systems, including LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Electronic Data Capture Systems, Learning Management Systems, and others. Oftentimes, these systems are not integrated and involve manual, paper-driven processes to maintain over time, costing the organization much in time and operational efficiency.

Labwise XD offers a novel alternative to this approach, enabling organizations to converge on one platform and unify the laboratory operating environment. You can track and control critical business processes that impact the way data is captured, managed, visualized, and reported – while reducing risks and maintaining regulatory compliance.

The business process management engine supports the intelligent flow of tasks and forms, and an easily configured, role-based system ensures secure access that allows appropriate individuals access to the precise status of each of their required activities in the system.

Low Code Cloud Platform

Labwise XD brings R&D laboratory functions together in a single low-code cloud platform from which you can run all your analytics and reports. Our solution is delivered how you need it – as a SaaS solution hosted on our AWS cloud or in your own data center.

Key Solution Components

Raw Material Management


QC,OOS & CAPA Management

Test & Workflow Management

Raw Material, In-Process & Finished Product Testing

Reporting & Dashboards

Inventory, Instruments & Resource Management

Alerts, Triggers & Notification Management



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