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Labwise XD ELN is a software product created by lab scientists for lab scientists. Xybion employees have decades of hands-on laboratory experience.

A scientist developed ELN that ensures lab experiments are designed and executed in the smartest way.

Lab experiments today are no longer performed in siloed environments. Experiments are designed and executed by numerous lab personnel in multiple labs at the same time. It is common for these labs to be located across several locations and several companies. The new way of performing research & development work collaboratively with scientists that are both internal and external requires a flexible, intuitive, and simple Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) solution. Labwise XD ELN is easy to set up with intuitive scientist onboarding and connects seamlessly with external documents and data sources. Labwise XD ELN is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution with electronic signature capability that supports the research claim of authenticity.

Realities Of Today's Digital Laboratories

  • Paper notebooks are no longer helpful in the digital world.
  • Research capabilities within confined boundaries have changed. Internal and external collaboration is the way to fast-track lab success.
  • Lab personnel needs a lot more flexibility. They need to move data and information between systems. Simple Excel-based data needs to be quickly added to the ELN experiment or take the data out of ELN to add to another system for analysis. Everything needs to happen with full data security and privacy.
  • The system should be flexible to adapt to business changes and be easily accessible, preferably through the web via mobile devices.

Labwise XD ELN Module Features

Labwise XD ELN is a cloud-based application with rapid implementation and ease of use. It brings all the necessary functionalities required by today’s digitally savvy scientists on a cloud platform to expedite their scientific breakthroughs without being hindered by paper-based processes and obsolete, antiquated legacy software applications. In addition to being suitable for all laboratory experiments, Labwise XD ELN delivers the following features.

  • Lab workspace
  • Scientist diary / eDiary
  • Reagent management
  • Inventory management 
  • Process management 
  • Request tracker and management
  • Excel import
  • Data import and export
  • Data analysis
  • Personnel work dashboard 
  • Work assignment
  • Instrument calibration
  • Personnel competency management

Experiment Details

Labwise XD ELN 10.2

Request Management

Labwise XD ELN Request Management

Workflow Management

Labwise Xd Workflow Management

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