Quality Control LIMS

We Have a Passion for Automation

On average, a QC lab has over one thousand data elements that need to be captured and analyzed to test a product. Unfortunately, most lab process steps are executed manually. In these environments, data creation and management are disjointed. This creates data integrity risks and downstream problems.

Labwise XD solves these problems. As a modular, integrated, end-to-end business process management (BPM) platform, Labwise XD supports laboratory workflows, such as material flows, equipment management, deviation management, and more.

Our out-of-the-box modules organize standard business processes such as business and sponsor management, laboratory operations and execution, and compliance and quality management. All modules connect with legacy and ERP systems, as needed to unify lab operating environments.

Are you ready to let our automated, paperless solution improve your laboratory operations?

With Labwise XD – Quality Control LIMS, you can:

Increase lab test productivity to as high as 43%

Reduce data entry issues by more than 90%

Speed up your processes – reduce product release time from days to hours

Seamlessly digitize e2e processes to implement changes quickly

Improve quality & reduce non-conformances

Manage training, competency & quality documentation in a single compliant environment

Reduce tester attrition

Fully integrate digital workflows with internal & external stakeholders

Labwise XD Solves Typical Business Challenges

Are your QC lab operations challenged by ever-changing regulatory demands, non-standard processes, manual operations, lack of confidence in data integrity, or low bandwidth? Xybion can help.

Our Labwise XD solution transforms lab operations with a modern low-code digital platform that automates business processes and reduces data entry issues to help improve quality and reduce non-conformances. Our leading solution:

  • Homogenizes multiple QC labs to establish consistent processes.
  • Manages data in a secure cloud environment.
  • Makes managing training, competency, and quality documentation easy.

Key Solution Components

Raw Material Management


QC,OOS & CAPA Management

Test & Workflow Management

Raw Material, In-Process & Finished Product Testing

Reporting & Dashboards

Inventory, Instruments & Resource Management

Alerts, Triggers & Notification Management



Sample QC Test Steps

Labwise XD automates diagnostic test processes. With our low-code platform, customizing or changing workflows is simple. Sample diagnostic test steps managed in Labwise XD include:

  • Sample requests are generated from an ERP system or manually created.
  • Sample aliquot management and sample label management.
  • Reagent preparation and management.
  • Execution of QC tests.
  • Data entry and data management.
  • Creation of certificate of analysis (CoA).
  • Notification to requestors; CoA submission through ERP if generated from there.
  • Stakeholder Communications.
Labwise XD - Quality Control LIMS

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