Diagnostics Lab Management System

Modern Software to run your Diagnostics Laboratory

Effectively running a laboratory requires the right tools to manage compliance with work processes and productivity. When a laboratory operates as a standalone business, not as a support function of a manufacturing operation, additional complexities must be considered.

That’s why Xybion offers an end-to-end laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically designed for diagnostics labs.

Our Labwise XD platform offers a diagnostics digital lab management module that is fully customized to meet the needs of diagnostics laboratories. Our low-code, cloud-based platform can track every kind of sample that your lab processes. From accessioning and ID generation to packaging of final reports, our intelligently designed platform manages all lab processes and enables customers to seamlessly track test progress.

From Sample Receipt to Automated Reporting, Labwise XD Improves Productivity, and Increases Customer Satisfaction.

With Labwise XD – Diagnostics Lab Management System, you can:

Single interface for labs to connect & communicate with customers.

End-to-End visibility of sample movements

More than 90% reduction of data entry issues

Up to 40% productivity improvement, speeding up lab processes.

Easy customization of processes & ability to implement changes quickly.

Improve quality & reduce non-conformances.

Manage training, competency & quality documentation in a single compliant environment.

Reduce tester attrition.

Key Solution Components

Our Leading Solutions:

  • Addresses issues with customers sending samples through traditional methods without having real contact with the diagnostics lab.
  • Uses trusted processes to eliminate manual work efforts.
  • Provides direct instrument integration.
  • Integrates seamlessly with external systems and provides end-user access.
  • Makes managing training, competency, and quality documentation easy.
  • Manages data in a secure cloud environment.


Reagent Management


Reporting & Dashboards


Inventory, Instruments & Resource Management

QC,OOS & CAPA Management

Alerts, Triggers & Notification Management

Test & Workflow Management

Sample Diagnostics Lab Test Steps

Labwise XD automates diagnostic test processes. With our low-code platform, customizing or changing workflows is simple. Sample diagnostic test steps managed in Labwise XD include:
  • Sample requests are generated from a traditional distributor.
    system or manually created.
  • Create contracts; pull information from the contracts system.
  • Sample receipts, aliquot management, and sample label management.
  • Sample connection to a contract/study protocol
  • Reagent preparation and management.
  • Schedule test instruments.
  • Execution of diagnostic tests.
  • Calculate test results as per the protocol.
  • Data entry and data management.
  • Creation of Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • Notification to requestors.
  • Stakeholder communications.

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