COVID-19 Test Management Software

Rapid COVID-19 Test Results with Compliant Reporting

Total COVID-19 Test Management Software

Hospitals, diagnostic labs, mobile testing centers, clinics and healthcare providers around the world are losing hours of productivity that are taking away from patient care due to manual COVID-19 Test management processes. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to immediately notify patients of their test results Xybion introduces COVAPP – a complete end-to-end COVID-19 Test Management application that eliminates manual processes with full regulatory compliance and automated test result notifications.

COVAPP Offers a Unified and Streamlined Approach to COVID-19 Test Management with:

Patient Registration

COVID-19 Test Reports

Sample Management

Test Management

Inventory Management



Labwise XD COVAPP Benefits

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to reshape our daily lives, COVAPP reshapes laboratory processes with a faster response to COVID-19 Test requirements. COVAPP provides a streamlined approach to patient data, sample management, reporting, and an automated test results notification system. Implementation of COVAPP allows you to achieve:

Automated Test Result Notification

Test results are delivered immediately to the patient upon submission of a positive result into COVAPP.

Increased Throughput

Test results are delivered immediately to the patient upon submission of a positive result into COVAPP.

Increased Testing Capacity

COVAPP’s streamlined approach to COVID-19 Test Management.

Greater Compliance

All of COVAPP’s features are built on a low-code, cloud-based system built for compliance and HIPAA.


Rapidly scale your throughput and expand your operations with seamless scalability.

Fit to Fly Certifications

COVAPP's expansive toolset generates Fit to Fly Certifications and Certificates of Analysis.

Data Integrity

  • Automates the current manual lab processes by capturing data from the source enhancing data integrity
  • Voice over technologies to eliminate manual data entry


  • On an average, 15 hrs of time saving per lab personnel per week


  • Preconfigured workflow automation for labs including – Research & Scientific, Gene & Cell research, QC, Preclinical & Clinical and Bio Specimen testing

Lab Data Lake

  • Lab Data Lake to eliminate point to point connections , instead enabling one to many connections at scale with querying ability

Labwise XD COVAPP Screenshots

Labwise XD - Sample Management process
Sample Management

Sample Management

  • Sample tracking
  • Storage, disposal
  • Handling requests and orders
  • Labeling
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Certificate of Analysis

  • Improved efficiency
  • Data Integrity
  • Easy Storage and Retrieval
  • Unifies System
Certificate of Analysis COA Labwise XD
End to End Cloud LIMS Solution

End-to-End Cloud LIMS Solution that:

  • Improves Employee Productivity 
  • Faster Reporting Mechanism
  • Ensure 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Reduces Quality Risks
Labwise XD COVAPP Screenshot

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