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Labwise XD: LIMS on the Cloud.
Drive Process Compliance and Data Integrity.

Laboratories performing Scientific Research and Development, Clinical and Preclinical study sample testing, analytical methods development, chemical development can benefit from the out-of-the-box configuration(s) designed to manage the typical material, process, and equipment flows for these teams.

Labwise XD can be used to manage GMP and non-GMP-compliant process flows. You can track equipment and control related activities such as calibration and preventative maintenance, allowing you to reduce operational risk and increase compliance. Features for automated reporting allow you to quickly track nonconformances, such as out-of-specification, by the unit operation.

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Labwise XD digital lab operations system unifies lab environments and supports end-to-end business process management (BPM) to deliver increased compliance and productivity.

Built on our proprietary Digital Acceleration Platform, XDP, our powerful, flexible BPM tool seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems, instruments, and equipment, as well as your customer’s systems, to manage laboratory, data, and procedural workflows in a comprehensive end-to-end digital lab solution.

Labwise XD - Process

As an end-to-end digital lab operations system, Labwise XD manages every aspect of your laboratory operations – from contracts to submissions:

Business & Sponsor Management

Manages end-to-end contracts, protocols, employees, vendors, products & services.

Laboratory Operation & Execution

Manages formulations, equipment, facilities, master schedule, data capture, methods, reporting & visualization.

Compliance & Quality Management

Manages the training, document management, deviations, CAPAs, non-conformance.

Digital lab management solution with end-to-end processes, integrated systems, single interface with quality, compliance, and training workflows creates a very happy laboratory workplace.

Data Integrity

  • Automates the current manual lab processes by capturing data from the source enhancing data integrity.
  • Voice over technologies to eliminate manual data entry.


  • On average, 15 hrs of timesaving per lab personnel per week


  • Preconfigured workflow automation for labs including – Research & Scientific, Gene & Cell research, QC, Preclinical & Clinical and Bio Specimen testing

Lab Data Lake

  • Lab Data Lake to eliminate point to point connections, instead enabling one too many connections at scale with querying ability.

Purpose-built, Unified Laboratory Management solution includes traditional LIMS, ELN, QMS, DMS, data management, and analytics on a single cloud platform.

Within Labwise XD, a configurable business process workflow engine allows you to manage all aspects of your laboratory business operation – from receiving customer orders and samples, to digitizing your laboratory test protocols and executions (supported by digital QMS, DMS, and GRC modules), to linking customer portals to your CRM system and creating final reports and billing back to your customers.

As a lab data management and analysis software, Labwise XD provides full lifecycle support for integrating critical, regulated workflow processes in a typical laboratory environment.

Labwise XD

Labwise XD solves the problem of massive expenditures by providing a robust, cloud-based digital lab environment that:

  • Displaces disparate systems with a single solution.
  • Ensures data integrity and is fully GDPR and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Includes a data validation package.
  • Streamlines the entire data management process.

The Xybion Labwise XD platform has been recognized as a Top LIMS Solutions Provider.

“Labwise XD displaces and reduces the burden of buying up to five different systems with a single platform that can be configured to existing processes. The investment payback period is typically one year.”
Kamal Biswas
President & COO | Xybion

Solutions for Every Lab

Labwise XD is pre-configured for various lab environments. As a highly flexible platform, Labwise XD can also be configured for your custom laboratory needs. Within your lab environment, Labwise XD enables you to:

  • Capture and manage critical clinical data.
  • Create an integrated lab environment with all the functionalities of traditional LIMS and ELNs.
  • Automate lab processes / digitize protocols.
  • Manage sample specimen submission and receipt.
  • Connect and manage instruments.
  • Manage content, training, and customer portals.
  • Generate and display results digitally on personalized dashboards.
  • Achieve a single, unified, corporate-wide platform in a true digital cloud environment.
End to End Cloud LIMS Solution

Replaces expensive software components that do not communicate with each other.

End to End Cloud LIMS Solution that:

  • Improves Employee Productivity
  • Faster Product to Market
  • Ensures 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Reduces Quality Risks

Certificate of Analysis

  • Improved efficiency
  • Data Integrity
  • Easy Storage and Retrieval
  • Unifies System
Labwise XD COA
Certificate of Analysis COA Labwise XD

Sample Management

  • Sample tracking
  • Storage, disposal
  • Handling requests and orders
  • Labeling
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
Sample Management
Labwise XD - Sample Management process
Sample Analysis - Labwise XD

CAR-T, Gene and Cell Therapy LIMS

Manage biological samples, manage specialized reagents & third parties to ensure samples are tracked to the right patient.

Quality Control

A modern, smart, low-code digital platform that makes labs paperless, standardize processes, improves data integrity.

Diagnostic Labs

Keep customer contract process and interaction simple and provide visibility to customers as real-time as possible.

Research and Science LIMS

Manage GMP/Non-GMP Compliant process flows, track equipment & control activities to reduce operational risk & increase compliance.

CAR-T, Gene, Immuno and Cell Therapy Management System

The Labwise XD digital laboratory solution provides a pre-configured LIMS and ELN product for CAR-T, gene, immunotherapy, and cell therapy labs. This module is specifically designed to work on CAR-T therapy and other similar products that require managing biological samples and specialized reagents. The solution integrates seamlessly with third parties to ensure samples are tracked to the right patient.

Digital Quality Control Lab Management System (QC LIMS)

Are your QC lab operations challenged by ever-changing regulatory demands, nonstandard processes, manual operations, lack of confidence in data integrity, or low bandwidth? Xybion can help.

Our Labwise XD solution transforms lab operations with a modern low-code digital platform that automates business processes and reduces data entry issues to help improve quality and reduce nonconformances.

Diagnostics Lab Management System

Xybion offers an end-to-end laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically designed for diagnostics labs. Our Labwise XD platform offers a diagnostics digital lab management module that is fully customized to meet the needs of diagnostics laboratories. Our low-code, cloud-based platform can track every kind of sample that your lab processes. From accessioning and ID generation to packaging of final reports, our intelligently designed platform manages all lab processes and enables customers to seamlessly track test progress.

Research and Science Laboratory Management System

Managing an R&D laboratory requires an integrated, all-inclusive business process management (BPM) platform to support all workflows. That’s why laboratories performing scientific research and development, clinical and preclinical study sample testing, analytical methods development and chemical development turn to Xybion.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Labwise XD ELN is a software product created by lab scientists for lab scientist. 
Lab experiments today are no longer done in siloed environments. Experiments are designed and executed by several lab personnel in multiple labs at the same time. These labs are at times are not within the same company. The new ways of doing research & development work collaboratively with scientists within the organization and outside needs flexible, intuitive, and simple Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Labwise-ELN is very easy to set up, easy to onboard scientists, connect with any external document or data sources quickly. This is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution with electronic signature capability which supports the research claims authenticity.

ELN from Xybion

Pharmaceutical Product Development


With the Labwise XD formulation management module, you can tailor protocols and study designs. The digital platform allows scientists in product development departments at biopharmaceutical and generic drug companies to perform step-by-step online foundations based on established methods.

Global Research Protocol Registration System

Whether you are a company scientist, license partner, academic researcher, or CROs, today’s drug discovery research and development operation for biopharmaceutical companies require creating, managing, and executing thousands of in vitro and in-vivo screening assays through traditional or high throughput systems involving chemistry, genomics, biomarkers, animals and human subjects.

Stability Study Management System

With Labwise XD, labs can manage stability studies digitally, reducing mistakes that occur with manual paper-based processes. The Labwise XD stability module features quality, compliance, and electronic lab notebook (ELN) functionality that creates a comprehensive solution for assuring compliance with regulatory guidelines globally.

Labwise XD Digital Lab Management Dashboard

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