Xybion University and Training Services

Empowering productivity through a skilled and motivated workforce

Xybion’s Comprehensive Training Solutions, incorporating the Xybion University and Training Services, help customers achieve competency and skills in critical software solutions and related business practices by using comprehensive training content and flexible training delivery models. This allows organizations to create a training program that is most effective for them.

The Xybion University provides online training curricula to enhance customers’ understanding and help achieve competency in using Xybion’s various products. In addition, key industry topics and best practice lessons are available to increase a company’s knowledge base rapidly. The comprehensive online video courses include topically arranged and thorough lessons, associated quizzes for retention assessment and provide automated certificates as evidence of training received. Although Xybion has provided a robust remote and on-site training program for many years (Training as a Service), the addition of the Xybion University to our existing training program allows companies to have repeated exposure to the lesson material, provides better scalability for new hires, and provides a multi-sensory experience (large captioning, audio) which helps with knowledge retention.

The Custom University as a Service allows an exciting hybrid of customer-based training content delivered within a custom Center of Excellence designed for that Customer’s consumers, constituents, vendors and end customers.