Software Development

Xybion provides comprehensive software development and testing solutions. Our team brings hundreds of combined person-years experience with a variety of technologies. Going a step beyond vanilla software experience, we also bring specific domain expertise to our projects. We have extensive experience not only developing custom applications, but developing solutions specific to regulated industries.

Pre-packaged software many not always meet the needs of complex, global businesses operating in tightly regulated industries and across multiple geographies. Because of this, many companies struggle with matching limited internal resources to the complex business needs. Translating these business needs into ad-hoc software customizations can land an IT team into much trouble do to unsupported customizations, upgrades, and validation challenges. Xybion’s Global Delivery Centers (GDC) offer a best practice approach to custom software development that will help keep your internal projects on time and on budget.

Xybion helps customers with consultancy approach by behaving not just an outsourcing vendor but be a part of the client’s business, further understanding their needs with the help of our highly-efficient analysts framing the path for the technical team to further architect and create tailor-made software for complex needs.

With our flexible approach, we help our clients:

  • Onsite analysis of exact needs for custom software
  • Suggest fastest solution with help of existing pre-built architecture
  • Creating globally accepted and standard documents which become part of total lifecycle of software requirements
  • Executing software development lifecycles with highly efficient team of developers and project managers
  • Delivering and deploying end solutions at client side whenever required
  • Supporting the ongoing maintenance activity for such custom software solutions

Xybion understands the importance of quality and is flexible in terms of warranty provided to customers and free support post-delivery to check and accept the product in a real testing environment. It also helps the clients by making similar production environments that check the performance – making the software robust to support bottlenecks and reduce long term production costs.

Software Testing

The Xybion Global Delivery Center (GDC) offers a team of highly-skilled professionals with the talent, knowledge ,and expertise to support global deployments through a wide range of services. Our team has real-world experience working with a multitude of systems in complex and regulated environments. Xybion GDC consultants have deep knowledge and expertise with the various current and legacy versions of IT systems.

Our blended service model – on-shore, near-shore and off-shore – provides an effective strategy to reduce costs, mitigate risk and shrink timelines for bringing a project online. GDC consultants provide our clients with insight and support to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Xybion offers comprehensive software testing and validation solutions for companies through our Blended Engagement Model. We follow industry best practices for testing, development, and validation of a wide array of pre-packaged and custom-developed software solutions. Our domain expertise and blended delivery model allow for substantial cost savings.

Our standard testing solution includes:

  • Test COE/process consulting
  • Test strategy/planning
  • Metrics
  • Governance
  • Optimization test
  • Maturity Model engagements
  • White box testing (unit or developer testing)
  • Functional testing
  • Alpha/Module system/Beta Integration
  • Non-functional testing
  • Performance and scalability
  • Load and stress testing
  • Others like upgradeability, resilience, maintainability etc.
  • Test automation
  • Other testing
  • Data migration
  • Usability security
  • Tools consulting

Test process consulting:

  • TMMi assessments
  • Strategy consulting
  • Test optimization techniques to drive value for clients
  • Product centric

Certifications of products on various platforms/technologies/OS:

  • Test accelerators for packaged software (SAP/ORACLE)
  • Tools related
    • Tools implementations (QC, DOORS, CS)
    • Tools for identifying regression coverage and measuring it
    • Tools for automating test suite execution in parallel to manual testing
    • Optimal use of open source tools to drive reducing TCO for client